Importance of Tortoise and its Direction in Vastu Shastra

Importance of Tortoise and its Direction in Vaastu Shastra

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In Feng Shui, the tortoise is one of the very famous celestial animals or guardians which correspond to the four compass directions. Different colored tortoises represent different kind of meanings and significance. While the black tortoise represents the North, the green dragon, on the other hand, is the guardian of the East. Red Phoenix is the guardian of the South while the white tiger is the guardian of the West,

All of these four animals are considered as the guardians of the Feng Shui energy. The symbolism dates back to the beginning of the Feng Shui. When placed in the right direction, these animals are equipped to channel and then enhance energy. On the contrary, misplaced animals often hinder the proper energy flow.

Shastra plays a very important role in the lives of individuals who wish to keep all things right for keeping the Vaastu Shastra right. First, let us talk about Tortoise Vaastu Shastra first. Lord Vishnu has taken the form of a tortoise that upheld the earth and the beings at the time of the Sagar Manthan.

The Tortoise of Lord Vishnu is the second avatar and is known as a Kurma avatar. These are made up of glass, resins, wood, mud or metal. While placing the tortoise in the home or office, a few Vaastu rules need to be known and followed that will help you with a lot of benefits in your life.

What are the types of Vaastu Tortoise?

There are five types of tortoise made up of five distinct materials.

  • Mud
  • Glass
  • Resin
  • Wood
  • Crystal

How does it bring prosperity and peace in your home and life?

The tortoise is gifted with long life, and therein Feng Shui and Vaastu Shastra, it gives long life to people in the family. Tortoise today is very popular in homes who believe in Feng Sui and Vaastu Shastra. These are made of metal, glass, resins, wood, and crystals.

There are a few rules that need to be followed while placing the tortoise in your home or office. If these rules are not followed, it can lead to adverse results and reactions. For those who are willing to increase peace and harmony in your home, placing the tortoise in the right direction is the best option to go for. This is one of the best Feng Shui gifts for any occasion.

The tortoise is considered as a celestial creature. Tortoise represents compass direction in the north, the number one and element of water. The bagua of the corner represents earned income like a business, a job along with business and career endeavors.

Tortoise also has a significant role in wish fulfilment. This is how it works:

  1. Buy a tortoise of metal material which can be opened.
  2. Write the wish now on a yellow colored paper.
  3. Place this paper inside the tortoise and then close it.
  4. Next, place the tortoise on a cloth of red color and perform pooja of the tortoise.
  5. When the wish is fulfilled, remove the paper.

What is the right direction of placing it?

The direction needs to be North East, southwest, and center for the tortoise that is created in earthen material like mud or resin. A Feng Shui Tortoise that is made up of metals need to be placed by North-west and North direction. For those that are made up of crystal needs to be placed in South West or North West. Lastly, the tortoise figurines that are made up of woods need to be placed either in East or South East.

Always remember to place the tortoise figures that are made of wood needs to be placed towards the East direction.

If you are thinking of putting the tortoise in the living room, it brings peace and happiness in the family.

What are the benefits it provides?

  • Facing the tortoise in the right direction helps induce positive energy. It recommends that you place a few objects in a specific direction in order to gain maximum profit.
  • Placing the tortoise in the water tank, close to a waterfall or an aquarium helps in magnifying its power.
  • Place it in Tien Yi (health) direction that will help in fighting several illnesses while helping you and your family to stay healthy and away from any illness
  • Placing it near the bed head helps to remove all sorts of anxieties if any. This is also beneficial in solving insomnia and helps you to deal with it better. If your child is having a tough time sleeping alone, then you can keep it near the child’s bed.
  • Place the tortoise in the north direction, if you are facing any hindrance in the career line, and you will soon see good result in the career
  • Place the tortoise in the east direction which is suitable for having a dedicated attitude that will help you to focus and increase attention properly
  • Tortoise figure, when kept in a similar material depth dish and help in bringing harmony, serenity, long life, money, and peace in your home. You can add some colored stones and water. This will also help to be a great décor material.
  • Similar to turtles, Tortoise as a GIFT is considered very auspicious in Feng Shui. These are used interchangeably and attract good fortune and helps generate income and business opportunity.
  • It is also beneficial in protecting against any misfortune or evil forces. It is also a real living animal, unlike dragon and Phoenix. Having the presence of tortoise in the home is auspicious for finances and helps with opportunities to move ahead in life.
  • The turtle also helps to represent longevity. With the help of its plodding ways, it wins the race in Aesop’s fable. The turtle helps to demonstrate those with the right zeal to keep working eventually win the race. The turtle helps to empower you to keep moving forward.


The tortoise thus is a celestial symbol of Feng Shui which represents protection and stability against any bad fortune.

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