Enlighten your house with Feng Shui Buddha

Feng shui is an age-old practice of the ancient Chinese and makes use of Buddha statues and imagery where each of the figures is significant for sending out positive energies in the house. In general, Buddha is considered to bring peace and prosperity in the home. In a house where everyone is bound by a hectic schedule, placing a Buddha can bring a lot of calmness in the house.

You can consider your busy schedule to be yang energy and the Buddha to be yin energy. Both of these energies balance each other and produce a calming effect. Balancing both of these energies is the key to ensure that your home is filled with good energy and well-being. It is best to consult an expert to help you choose the right statue for your home.
Buddha statues are extremely popular among the decorative pieces that are used in the homes and come in a wide variety of postures, sizes, and materials. You can select them according to the effect that you want in your house. To make you familiar with these, here are some of the different Buddhas statues that you can place in your home:

Reclined Buddha

A sleeping Buddha is considered to peaceful and soothing feng shui energy in your home. It induces a relaxing and calming effect on which is good for your living room areas or the rooms which are close to the hallway in your bedroom. This particular Buddha is widely used in homes and has been effectively letting the flow of positive energies in the house. Just by looking at it, you will feel a lot more relaxed. You can also find such statues in a lot of Buddhist temples where people actually worship it.

Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddha symbolizes joy and happiness and exudes similar Feng shui energy in the house. You can keep this near the place you keep your money and valuables or place it in the main entrance of your home. This would surely bring lots of positive energy in your home. This is another commonly seen statue in a lot of homes and is available in different materials as well. You should consult a feng shui expert to help you select the right one suiting your arrangement.

Buddha on Lotus Base

This particular Buddha sits in a classic meditation posture that brings feng shui energy when settled in the south corner of your home. You can use it as a cure for the spiritual growth in your home by placing it in the northeast area.

Meditating Buddha

This particular Buddha statue is ideally placed in the north or northwest corner of the home, which infuses career growth and blessings respectively. As it is a beautiful decorative piece as well, you can place it in the altar of your home. If you want a calming effect in your home, then this particular Buddha is highly recommended in your home.

Wooden panel Buddha

The wood panel Buddha can ideally be placed in the east corner of the house, which is synonymous with the health and family wellness. Another area where it can be placed in the southeast corner which is said to attract money and abundance.

Sandstone Buddha sculpture

This particular piece sends out positive vibes and is placed in the garden areas. However, it is not to be placed in the north feng shui area of your home. It can make for an excellent piece for placing near the front door and works well for bringing great energy in the house.

Happy Buddha

The joyful and positive energy of the Buddha makes it ideal for placing in the main entrance of your home. You can also place it in the east and southeast corners of your home. As the name suggests, this particular Buddha is full of happy energy and exudes the same in your home.


Hotei is not your classic Buddha and is a Japanese-Shinto god who is said to bring good luck. It is a historical figure synonymous with the Chan Buddhist monk who was a notable figure in the ninth century. It is said to bring luck, prosperity, and happiness in the family.

Buddha Head

The Buddha head exudes a stern and centering energy, which is ideal to be placed in the northeast corner of your home along with your office and living room. This is ideal when you do not have enough space in your home, or you can also place it near indoor plants as that would make it look even more beautiful and will give a calming effect just by the look.

Buddha with candles

This particular Buddha has the fire and earth elements and is ideal to be placed in the south, center, or the northeast areas of your home.  This is ideal for the exercising corner of your home where you can perform meditation in a serene atmosphere. Also, on days when you feel a lot disturbed due to personal or work pressure, you can lighten up the candles and see your mood changing within minutes.

Buddha wall canvas

Buddha painting exudes vibrant energies when placed on the south area's walls of your home. As the Buddha sits in its classic position, it sends out calming and serene energy to all the corners of your home. There are various kinds of paintings that can be found today; you can pick up the one that you can find the best for your home.

Well, these were some of the different types of Buddha Feng Shui artifacts that can be used in the homes if you want positive energy to flow through the house.


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