Best Travel Gifts for Someone who Travels a Lot for Work and Passion

Travel Gifts for Person who Travels a Lot

If you loved one is enthusiastic about traveling and dreams of exploring places across the globe then it is time that you start picking up gifts that relate to their passion. Although you might have to be picky while selecting a gift for your travel buddy, but the effort will all be worth it as they would surely feel elated. To ease this task, here are some of the brilliant gifts for men who love to travel:

1. A scratch map of the world

Brilliant Gift Ideas for men who travel.

This map can serve as a perfect wall decoration and is an ideal choice as gifts for him who wish to go around the world. Each country is marked in a different color on this map, and its area can be scratched off once the place is visited. A world map will remind them of the places they want to visit and the experiences they want to have along the way so it would be best to gift the map.

2. Sandals or adventure shoes

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Footwear is a perfect gift for those who travel as they always need something durable and comfortable enough to allow them to travel long distances. Depending on the choice, you can pick footwear that will suit your loved one the best. If your loved one loves going on hikes or prefers adventure activities more than the usual travel then adventure shoes will be perfect for them otherwise sandals are an ideal choice for someone who loves to explore places on foot.

3. A duffel bag

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A duffel bag is an ideal choice for someone who loves to travel as it has enough space to accommodate all the necessary accessories that can be taken during the journey. These bags are available in different material and styles and can be chosen according to personal requirements. In case your loved ones stay goes on business tour often then a leather duffel bag would be an ideal choice as it exudes class and style otherwise you can pick a bag made of jute as it is perfect for light travels. If you are looking for such Gifts for boyfriend, you can get their name engraved on the bag to personalize it for them.

4. A photo album to keep travel memories

travel memories gifts


An album is counted among great gifts for him who loves capturing and documenting their travels. There are different kinds of photo albums that can be found these days and the popular ones among them are the electronic ones which use digital slides to showcase the memories. You can even give them stickers and travel goodies along with the album so that they can personalize the album just as they like. These can prove to be the best gifts for brother as these would make for perfect family memories.

5. A Polaroid camera

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If your loved one is a great enthusiast of taking pictures and likes to travel with their camera, then you can gift them a polaroid camera for an altogether different experience of taking travel pictures. Taking pictures from a polaroid requires a lot of creativity which will eventually push them to take better shots and explore this art more. Also, one of the best things about the polaroid is the instant results that you get in the form of a picture which can be put in the album instantly.

6. Portable charger

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A portable charger can be a major savior when someone is traveling as you never know when you might not find a charging point, especially in remote areas. Choose a brand that will offer maximum efficiency and would stay charged for long hours. When it comes to style, you can choose a design that would be unique to gift your loved one. You can even pick travel stickers that can be attached on the charger to personalize the gift for them.

7. A travel book

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If your loved one prefers reading books, then it would perfect to gift them a travel book that would introduce them to great travel stories and inspire them to head out on more adventures and take new experiences. Some of the best travel books include the ones from William Dalrymple, Khaled Hosseini, Orhan Pamuk, Paulo Coelho, among others. You can find out if they have a favorite writer and surprise them with a book from them.

8. Noise cancellation headphones/earphones

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What is traveling without music? Music teleports you to places far and wide, and a headphone or earphones would be a perfect gift for your music lover travel buddy. These days you can find a large variety and styles of these devices among which the noise cancellation ones are an excellent choice. You can check out various brands and find out whether your loved one has an inclination towards a specific brand.

9. Travel graphics T-shirt

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Well, if you are looking for a gift in a budget, then you can give them a T-shirt that can be customized. You can then choose prints that relate to traveling such as travel quotes or even their favorite characters that relate to travel. Not just T-shirts, you can even get the hoodies customized for your loved one.

10. Passport holder

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Passport holders are also an ideal gift for someone who loves traveling. You can get these holders customized for the person who will be gifting it. These days, you can even find travel-related designs, or you can even get their favorite quote of travel symbol engraved on the holder to personalize the gift for them. If you want to give these as gifts for husband, then you can get both of your names on the holder along with a symbol that indicates traveling.

After reading this list, you must surely be spoilt for choice. These are some great gifts if you are confused as to what should be gifted to your loved one who is bitten by the travel bug.

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