5 DIY Ideas that Would Add Charm to Your Home this Diwali

Diwali is around the corner and you would surely be prepping up your home for the festival. Each year you might surely bring something or the other from the market for your home to spice up the decor, but this time you can make it special by going for do-it-yourself ideas and involving your family members in helping you beautify your space.

Here are some of the home decor ideas that you would lighten up your Diwali even more:

Bottle up the fairy lights

Fairy lights are not just meant to decorate the outside of the house and can also be used inside as well. Take up colorful glass bottles and fill light in them and you would get a lamp setting ready for Diwali. You can place six to seven bottles around your house in a manner that they would illuminate the space with sheer lighting. If you are willing to spend on decorative items, then you can even get accessories around which fairy lights can be wrapped around such as cages which can be hung in the garden area around the trees that would beautify them.

Another thing you can do with fairy lights is that you can use decorative paper cups by wrapping glitter tape around them and place the single bulb in each one of them. You can then hang them around in a series with the help of wire. If you have cupcake papers with you, then use them for a flower-like lampshade decoration and tie them up in a string.

Use plastic bottles to make lamp shades

You might be having spare plastic bottles lying around the house which can be utilized this Diwali to make something creative. For a start, cut down the bottle in half with the help of scissors and use the top half with the lid. Now, make long cuts through the plastic and bend them in the shape of a flower just like as if you are folding the petals and put glitter on them. You can place a candle at the center of the piece that would provide the required light source.

Make two or such, such pieces, and you can use them as floating lights in a big bowl of water that you can put down in your living room for beautification. Add some flower petals in the bowl and the D-I-Y would look perfectly well.

Door decoration with paper flowers

Instead of using the real flowers which would become stale after a short while of time, you can make use of paper cuttings to make 'Torans' that can be used as a decorating over the doors. If you have old greeting cards with your or have colorful paper sheets, then use them to make colorful buntings. You can even cut them in interesting shapes and put them around in a string and decorate your room doors with it.

Paper flowers stay for a longer time and look new as ever. You can use reuse them to put into the vase once you are done with the Diwali celebrations.

Organic Rangoli

Choose organic colors and flowers to make rangoli and decorate the floorings on your house. Experiment with different patterns and arrangements in different areas of your home so that you show your creativity at its best. Place homemade candles on the rangoli to lighten it up. If you are unable to make rangoli on your own, then you can even make use of stencils as that would be quite helpful. As an alternative, you can also use chalk powder along with glitter to make rangoli powder.

You can even checkout rangoli ideas online and give them a personal touch to create an altogether new piece. If you are going to make the design for the very first time make sure that you watch out some videos that would help you to do the task better.

Candle holders

If there are a set of shot glasses that are lying around in your home, then it would be better if you use them as candle holders. To decorate the glasses use thin ropes dipped in gold paint and wrap them around the glasses. Use glue to stick the rope and cover the glass in glitter to make it dazzling. Another idea is to make use of spare laces to wrap around the glasses to make them decorative.

Be creative this Diwali and add your personal touch to every corner of the house to make the festival memorable. Avoid buying readymade decor items this time and instead create something out of your imagination that would add charm to your home. You will also be doing a favor to the environment by going for eco-friendly ideas this festive season.