Things to Mind while Keeping Laughing Buddha at Home`

The legend of Laughing Buddha

Laughing Buddhas are very popular all over the world. They are so common that you can them everywhere starting from homes, offices, and restaurants.  The other name of a Laughing Buddha statue is ‘Buddha of Wealth’. It is prevalent among people if we keep them in our homes, it will bring prosperity, riches, and wealth to our homes. The Buddha of happiness has a protruding stomach and a bald head. It is straightforward to recognize them.

You will find him wearing a robe, and he has beads around his neck. As he is always happy and has an ever smiling face, that is why He is rightly called ‘The Laughing Buddha.’  The internet is flooded with laughing Buddha statutes. You may buy Laughing Buddha online.

Different types of Laughing Buddha

There are different kinds of Laughing Buddha, and you may find them displaying different symbols. Let us understand the meaning of the various symbols of this ‘happy man.'

  • Laughing Buddha is playing with children usually five in number, which symbolizes good luck and positive energies coming from heaven.
  • Laughing Buddha with a bowl in his hand- It depicts a picture of a monk and symbolizes attaining enlightenment. Some believe that a Laughing Buddha with a pot is synonymous to good fortune.  The person who purchases this is open to receive all good things in life.
  • Laughing Buddha along with a fan symbolizes spread of joy and happiness. It is believed the waving of fans will banish troubles by the Buddha statues. The fan, which is known as Oogi, represents the owner preaches inner peace, and wisdom.
  • Laughing Buddha wearing a big hat depicts that the owner will enjoy a happier and healthier life. Care to live a stress-free life; this Buddha should be ideal for you. This ‘ happy man’ might not bring a lot of riches in life but procuring this will make your life pleasant with little to no worry.
  • Laughing Buddha carrying a sack or a bag on his shoulders depicts his image as a traveler. Some people say that while He travels from one place to another. He picks up the sadness of people and puts them in his bag. Others say the bag symbolizes good fortune and riches.
  • Laughing Buddha with balls or beads is said to be a wealth ball, and it is believed that He brings prosperity and wealth to people. If you desire to increase wealth and success in life, you should buy laughing Buddha online. While talking about purchasing a Laughing Buddha that raises the money, you may also obtain the one that rests on a frog. This frog has a coin in its mouth that symbolizes an increase in wealth.

Different Representations of Laughing Buddha and their Meaning

You might have noticed there are different sitting postures of Laughing Buddha. But do you know what these postures mean?

Here we have tried to take a look at these different postures and their meanings.

  • The sitting posture symbolizes a life that a quiet life with nothing much to worry about. It also depicts love and a proper balance of thoughts.
  • The standing posture equals joy, happiness, and riches.
  • Buddha sitting on big gold nugget and willing to give away small gold nuggets depict good fortune.
  • Laughing Buddha wearing a fan that represents good luck and enjoyment.
  • Laughing Buddha holding a gold block with his hands depicts abundant wealth and good fortune.
  • Buddha, which has a bottle guard in one hand and fan in another hand, showers luck and riches.
  • The Buddha that carries a sack of gold depicts a prosperous life.
  • The Buddha that carries a sack of blessings on one shoulder and fan on the other shoulder gives protection at the time of long journeys.

Who was Laughing Buddha?

A common name for Budai is Laughing Buddha.  The original name of Laughing Buddha was Quieci. He was fondly called Budai. He was a Buddhist monk who lived thousands of years ago in China. He has been nicknamed as Laughing Buddha because he always carried a big smile in his face. He wanted people to live happily.

Placement of Laughing Buddha

Although the Laughing Buddha is a feng shui item, it has immense significance in our lives. Purchasing a Laughing Buddha is not going to do the magic. Placing it in the right position is needed.

To bring tranquility, content, and good luck it is recommended to place a Laughing Buddha at your home. Buddha’s birthday falls on 8th May. It is considered to be auspicious to light a candle on this day. It is believed He fulfills his wishes.

  • Place the Laughing Buddha in the main hall in such a way so that it can be viewed by everybody when they sit in the living room. It is said that it resolves differences and disparities among the family members.
  • If you place the Buddha facing Sheng Chi direction, it is assumed it brings riches and helps in self-development. It also enables you to achieve your goal quickly.
  • Placing Him in the Southeast direction of the dining room, bedroom, and main hall will increase the income of the family.
  • Keeping Buddha in the office results in a clear mind and keeps your tensions away.
  • If you put Buddha on your desk, it will help you to fulfill your aspirations and desires.

Keep in mind of these precautions while keeping Laughing Buddha

  • Laughing Buddha is revered in Feng Shui so you should hold Him with high respect.
  • Refrain from placing it in the bathroom, kitchen, or floor.
  • Do not place in near motor parts or electrical equipment.
  • Place it in such a position at least equal to your eye level.
  • Do not place it on the television or on the floor.

Buy this buy feng shui items online. This Budda is an ideal present for good luck gifting.  Now that you know the different types of Laughing Buddhas and about their positions, purchase and place them in your home to bring prosperity and fortune.

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