The Best Wall Decor Ideas to Fill Your Small Space

Sometimes when we plan to decorate the walls of the room, we find that space is limited but ideas are endless. Living in a small apartment that has small rooms, it becomes congested to fit in essential things like a small table for water jug or a shimmery lamp, bookshelves, key
holders, small decorative, clocks with an antique look, etc. All such things are needed in this modern lifestyle to give an attractive look to the room. These things add a life not only to the room but also to our way of living.

Hence, if you are in desperate search for tricky and smart ideas for wall decor, then you have jumped on the right page for your inspiration. According to your need, we have collected the best wall decor ideas that will be a perfect fit for your small spaces. Let your room walls talk by checking out these fabulous wall decor ideas.

Buddha Hanging Wall Mount

Buddha Hanging Wall Portrait

The Portrait of Lord Buddha symbolizes eternal peace in worldly existence. This large size Buddha Hanging wall portrait is an appreciable gift idea for your friends and relatives. It’s a great wooden art piece adorned with metal work. When this portrait is hanged on the wall added with diamonds,
pearls or silver coating, it surprisingly glorifies the look.

It is the perfect home decorating item for your living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom, hotels, office, etc.! Get your item soon and embrace the wall with this amazing wall decor thing.

Ganesha Wall Portrait


Ganesha is the Hindu Deity who bestows prosperity and wisdom to life. Choose this Lord Ganesha wall portrait with stunning custom art work which might be a perfect fit for wooden wall or a painted background wall. An inch-sized wood frame that surrounds the beautiful art, gives real life to the wall. It could be best placed in your living room or drawing room to welcome the guests and relatives with a positive message.

Iron pitcher clock


Bring an additional layer to the beauty of walls by placing this big fat Iron pitcher clock. These modern but traditionally profound style work as decorative wonders in the small spaces. This clock is a perfect fit for your rooms because of its brassy metallic finish mated with decorative designs.  Apart from this, make your room alive with this mesmerizing pitcher look.

You can also put it on the shelf or on the table just below the textured wall. You will find that the brass pitcher clock will improve the decoration of your empty spaces by themselves.

Wooden truck Wall Decor


A colorful truck wall item made of wood can always be the best-in-class thing to enhance the beauty of your room and walkways, fill up the small spaces of the walls leaving behind a traditional look. The classic old styled body with vibrant texture & awe-inspiring decorative work on it brings sun-kissed highway hues to your living room. It could be a perfect fit for your living room, playroom, exercise or some room for the gym (if you have one).

Exclusive Lane Birds on Planks

Placing such a beauty on your wall will not only fill your empty wall space, but the feeling will add a new layer of sophistication to your room. This exclusive teak and pine wood key holder is the perfect decor item for the wall decoration. It is finely crafted with the brown color rectangular planks decorated with beautiful art work.  And of course, the artistic pair of birds adorned with tribal prints add glitter to this majestic wall mount key holder. It is not only a wall decorative item, but a utility art piece that can be used daily to arrange your keys.

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