Redecorate Your Home Without Buying a Thing

Changing residences can be a significant strain on your budget, and it might not be possible for you to spend money on the decoration of your home when you've already spent a lot on buying a new home. Even if you are living in the same house, you can crave for modern décor because you get bored of seeing the same walls and Home décor every day. Well, decorating your home doesn't always mean to play with your bank balance. You can do that without buying new things too.

Here are some home decoration ideas you can use if you are looking to decorate your home without buying anything from the market.


Before you decide to get new home decor items, you should stop for a while and take a look around your home. Look at all the furniture you've bought over the years and all the decorative pieces you've invested your money in. Ask yourself a question about why did you choose these things in the first place. What attracted you towards them, and why don't you like them anymore? The give a second thought and think if you would like to see that old armchair in your bedroom in one quiet corner of your living room. This is just a drill you need to do to judge what you like and whatnot. You can even rearrange some items to have a better idea of how the new look would be.


While observing the home décor pieces, if you see some broken items, do not throw them away. You should instead think of fixing them so that they can be used in redecorating your home. You can always repaint the old photo frames and give them a new look. Fix the broken or cracked chairs and tables, and they'll be ready to decorate your home. This will also give you an idea about which items can be repaired and which cannot.


You should understand that your old furniture will have no return value on the market. Therefore it is always a wise choice to repurpose them instead of throwing them away. You can repurpose your old dining chairs into a French-style bench. You can also decorate the old books you have as stands for tables with a cushion as the top or as a display for the vase. This will display your bibliophile nature and also give a new look to your home.


Before you throw out waste material, you should see if you can use some old items for some other purpose. You can use old newspapers and magazines to make bowls or flower vase. You can also use old jars from the kitchen to make lampshades for your new home decor.


Adding a new color to anything can change the entire look of your home. You can start by repainting the walls and then move on to repaint other items. This includes painting the tables, or flower vase and bookshelves. While the effect may be subtle, you will surely get noticed. You can also try spray painting as you will have to spend less money, and small bottles of paint are readily available in the market. You can also try to paint porcelain items if your home decor and other pieces made of clay. The thing with painting is that you can easily paint fabric; this includes cushions and pillows, too. This will give an entirely new look to your home decor.


When you decide to throw some things away, it would be an excellent idea to organize a swap party with your friends, and here you can swap your old items with their new ones. This will ensure that both of you get new items for your home decor. You can even sell decor items online and earn money in return. When you are organizing a swap party, you aren't spending anything on buying new items.


Not all things have to be managed from within your house. You can even venture out in the wild and collect some things that can be used for decoration in your home. Go out and visit the nearest park. You will come across so many ideas to decorate your home. You can collect wooden sticks to hand curtains or clothes. You can pick some grapevine and use it to decorate your living room. If you happen to go to a beach, you can also collect shells and adorn the walls of your home with them.


After doing all this, you will feel more creative from within. You will also have the urge to do more and more creative things. You can put your creative call to best use by creating new items to decorate your home. You can easily make wall art or use matchsticks to make a piece of art to be kept in your living room. You can use fabric or wool to make doormats. This will not only save you money but also make your home look more personalized.


No home décor gets complete without greens. You should be planting new trees regularly. You can rework your kitchen garden and introduce new plants every season. This will break the monotony and make you feel unique and fresh. You can also bring in new home decorative plants and place them in your living room. These plants do not need sunshine and also add beauty to your home.


Place oranges and other beautiful fruits in a basket on the dining table. Or pick fresh flowers from your garden and display them in a bouquet or vase.

These are some simple hacks that will help you refurbish your home without spending much.