How to Sacredly Keep Ganesha Idols in Your Home

People who worship idols at homes often forget the correct way to perform the rituals or install the idol in a certain way as all of these things are considered to be an important part of the rituals and are meant to show respect to the lord.

There are several different ways of keeping the Ganesh idol in your home out of which the most popular one is to place the idol on the opposite side of the main entrance of the house. The idea behind placing the idol in this position is that the Drishti Ganesh wards off the evil vibes and brings prosperity to the home. Moreover, it is believed that Lord Ganesh acts as the guardian of your home and spreads positivity in the house.  You need to be careful while placing the Ganesh idol at the entrance and make sure that it is kept in pair with one idol facing the entrance and the other one facing the opposite side. This is done as people believe that placing the idol its backside towards the house is said to bring poverty.

When you are placing the idol in a showcase you need to make sure that there is at least a one-inch gap between the idols. Also, you need to be careful when you are keeping certain materials around the idol. Leather, for instance, should never be kept near the idol as it is made from the skin of a dead animal in case it is not of faux quality and keeping such a thing near a deity is not considered auspicious. Always keep the shoes, bags, or even the smallest of items made in leather away from the idol.

Ganesh statues that have trunk pointing to the right side need special poojas and attention which is why such idols are generally found in the temples and not in the homes. It is advised that you keep idols that have trunks pointing to the left, straight or in the air when you are placing the idol in your home.

The materials in which the idols are made also hold a special significance in the placement of the deity in a certain way as listed below:

Silver Ganesh– This particular idol is supposed to bring publicity and fame and it is advised to place this idol facing southeast, northwest or west direction. You should never place the idol in the South or Southwest direction.

Copper Ganesh- People who have to desire descendants should place the copper idol in the south or east direction however you should avoid keeping the idol in northwest or southwest directions.

Wood Ganesh- Wooden Ganesh idols are usually made out in sandalwood and are said to bring long life, success, and good health in the house. You must keep such an idol in the northeast, east or north directions. Also, avoid keeping the idol in the southeast direction.

Clay Ganesh- Worshipping the clay idol removes several obstacles and would bring prosperity and good health. These idols need to be kept in the southwest direction only.

Brass Ganesh- Idols that are made out of brass supplement happiness in the house and are supposed to be placed in the south, east, or west directions. Also, avoid keeping such an idol in the northwest or northeast direction.

On occasions such as Ganesh Chaturthi and Diwali, people usually install the idols under a ‘Pandal’ which is considered to be auspicious for the occasion after which the priest performs specific poojas followed by bhajans and mantras. Once this is done, the idol is then offered flowers, sweets, and decorated with sandalwood and red tilak all of which are an important part of the pooja ceremony. During this time, the idol is then worshipped for ten days with complete pomp and show and on the final day, the figure is immersed in the river with hopes that he would again return to people’s homes the next year and bring prosperity to their families.

In case you were not aware of the rituals that need to be followed while worshipping the Ganesh idol, these above-mentioned tips would help you to learn about the same and opt the right methods.