12 Summer Decor Trends to Bring the Sun Inside

Natural elements like the Sun, Sky or Earth keeps us refreshed and rejuvenated. These have a special appeal incomparable to anything. But with the temperature rising gradually, summers in India are becoming unbearable. We tend to keep indoors mostly. However, you can fulfil the lack of keeping outdoors by bringing them inside. You can decorate your home following these cool natural hacks that will give your inner space a summer facelift. So, wake your inner designer up and let’s dig in:

1. Use Bright Outdoor Colours:

Summer is all about brightness and sticking to vivid colours can change the outlook of your interior. Yellow refreshes you and gives you a sense of happiness and liveliness, just like the sunshine does. Orange, another vibrant tint keeps you closer to cosy sunshine. Green, being the colour of plants is a must have. It keeps us closer to earth. These colours, along with sober tones of white, blue and make your walls nature-friendly and so they do to you.

2. Look for Natural Patterns and Textures:

Using a combination of floral prints with stripes and solids gives your walls a unique look. You can use geometric patterns or polka dots over a solid colour. Choosing the light shed of the solid colour will be wise. This gives your walls and artistic finish. Also, natural scenes painted in your living room keeps you away from the daily stress. Matching textured bedding, pillow covers, window curtains will do magic.

3. Stick to the Ground:

This summer gets rid of the thick sofas and carpets and get back to the floor. Make a seating arrangement by laying comfortable cotton rugs aka Dhurries and throwing some colourful pillows on them. Dhurries are user-friendly as they are thin, light and don’t pluck much dust.

4. Plants Can Decor too:

Sounds a unique idea. Yes, we have looked into the suitable trendy patterns for our walls, but what if we keep a wall to grow a plant. We can help a climbing plant grow throughout the wall by giving it supportive poles sticking to the wall. You keep the pot close to the wall and let the climber grow naturally. It keeps you healthy and gives a thoughtful outlook on the other hand.

5. Make the Windows Large:

Natural light and air are what our body and mind crave for. During summer it is exhausted to go out in the direct sunlight but keeping the windows large to let the light in brings the outdoors inside. Cool evening air during summer makes you refreshed. Turning the air conditioner off sometimes also help you to bring the goodness of summer into your interior. Keep the outside of the windows clear. Keep the transition or overgrown grasses away. Let the air be fresh.

6. A touch of Wood:

To keep close to nature, use wooden furniture and accessories. Using plastic or synthetic materials in the summertime makes us tired from inside. It is hardly recognizable, but plastics are eating us from inside. For those who have an extremely busy schedule, a few minutes of relaxation matters a lot and with the touch of wood in furniture makes their mind calm and prepares them for the next busy day.

7. Grow a Garden:

To cool down the heat and let the sun feel gentle, you need to grow a small garden in the lawn or the balcony. You need to be creative in bringing the very nature inside. Do some research on the plants that provide more oxygen than the regular plants and dedicate a corner of your house to let them grow. Having plants inside your home gives you a whole different vibe.

8. Natural Flooring:

You can use wood, bamboo instead of tiles to your floor to give your foot a natural comfort. The natural flooring materials will appeal to the organic feature of your body than what the cold artificial materials do. All walls decorated with natural touch along with the classy look of natural floors will keep you close to outdoor while remaining indoors.

9. Decoration with Fruits:

One of the latest trends in home decor is decorated with fruits and vegetables. Use of lemon and limes give you visual and fragrant outdoor feelings.

10. Fix your old belongings:

Summer is a grateful time to make the surrounding vibrant and all new. You can do that by recycling your old furniture and other accessories. Upgradation of the fashioned decor items makes you creative too. Focusing on longevity, you can restore things and give them a new trendy look. The broken coffee table or sofa can be saved from being thrown away if you can fix and update them in this time.

11. Bring light by making a few minor changes:

If you have a room where sunlight is difficult to enter, then don’t worry. You don’t need to make some major changes to make the room a bit bright. Changing of a few things like placing a colourful rag on the floor or replacing the dull curtains with the bright ones can do the trick. Also making a bigger peephole if you can’t have a window on your wall and keeping a sun absorbing tree there may help you.

12. Choose lights wisely:

Last but not least, you need to make a wise choice of your lighting equipment and places to fix them. According to research, indirect lightning gives your dark room a sufficient fulfilment. Floor lights, if aimed upwards fills the lack of light on the ceiling. It appears just like the daylight.

So, there you have it. Along with these simple cool ideas of home decorations, you need to pay attention to details. If you can master these basic decorating principles, keeping your creative self at the top, you are going to make your relaxing space comfortable, stylish and worth living. Choose colours, textures, designs, lights and let your home speak for your taste. Summer is almost here, so these hacks will surely help you.

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