10 Great Wall Decor Ideas for Modern Homes

Best Large Wall Decor Ideas for Modern Homes

The home walls are those spaces in the house where you can use These Creative Wall Decor Ideas and add your personal taste that would enhance its appearance and garner appreciation from the guests who come to your house. Here are some of the best Large wall home decoration ideas that you can use for modern homes:

Here Are the Great Wall Decor Ideas You Should Follow:

1. Color Swatch Gallery Wall

You can use this colorful gallery wall ideal to make the room perfect for your kids’ area or their craft room. Apart from that, you can also print oversized squares in the colors of your choice and frame them in the form of a grid. You can even use them in the dining room to accentuate the look of the wall.

2. Woven Wall Hanging

For those who would love to have bohemian styled room, they can choose to use the wall hangings that are made in flat-weave textiles or something that are vintage-inspired. Instead of using a hefty wall hanging the piece, you can use a woven wall hanging that you can make for your own. These hanging are also available in different colors, designs, and even woolen material which can be picked up according to your budget and decor theme so that they do not look an extra and instead blend in well in the space. You can even search these products in the home decor online category to avail different choices.

3. Use a vintage scarf

You can choose to frame to find a colorful scarf that can be used on the wall. Pick up something that would come with an intricate pattern and would be impactful on the wall. You can then use a standing table with showpieces and art pieces to make the place look even more appealing.

4. Buy a ceiling medallion

A ceiling medallion would be a good investment as you can mount it over the wall and it would look good. You can then paint in a manner that it would match with the color scheme of the room. These are available in different materials which can be picked up depending on your personal choice and decor theme.

5. Use a tapestry

You can use a tapestry over the large walls with a colorful tapestry and use a pattern that would go well with the design of the room and match the pieces around. You can either use modern style designs or traditional handwork for the tapestry as that would give it a unique look altogether. These can also be used in Christmas decoration but then you would need to choose them according to the theme.

6. Use of round mirrors

Round mirrors are highly popular right now as one of best home decor items, and they work well in different design styles. They are also a great way to fill a wall without adding anything extra over the walls.

7. Use a beaded wall hanging

The trend of beaded wall hanging is picking up the pace, and you can choose one that would add glamour to your home. Pick up a wall piece that would accentuate the space where you might have kept chairs or decor tables and you would be able to give an amazing look to your space. Florals, animals, or even natural scenery are some of the choices that you can choose in the beaded wall hangings so make sure that you choose one according to your personal home theme.

8. Hang some interesting artwork

You can hang two or three artworks for the walls of your dining hall or the place near the staircase where you do not have much choice for decor to add an interesting element. Draw some paintings on your own if you have a flair for strokes and colors and come up with your own ideas. Watch several Youtube videos to draw some ideas for your home.

9. Wall planters

If you want a greener space in the house then there is no better choice than using hanging planters that would enhance the space. There are different shapes and designs of the wall planters that you would find in the market these days, and there is also variation in the material of units. Go with the flowers and plants that you admire the most and place them in the wall planters.

10. Style the Wooden Ledge

You can use a long wooden ledge and place accessories over it to make it more appealing. Utilize the wall that leads to your bedroom with the help of a ledge. Choose interesting art pieces to place over it. For Christmas wall decor ideas.

Choose artifacts that show the spirit of Christmas to make it look decked up according to the occasion. Try these wall decor ideas that would certainly enhance the overall appearance of your home space. Make it more interesting.

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