10 decorating hacks that rule then and now

No matter how much modern we become, there are some things which will ever change. In terms of decorating house, being classy and comfortable is something which has always been a necessary factor. You can't compromise on both of them. It is almost the end of the year, and with Christmas and New Year coming up, you must have your guest list almost ready. But, is your home ready enough to welcome all the guests? There are some hacks in the interior designing rulebook which reign forever. There are simple things which can make a change in your home like the lighting, changing the night lamp, positioning your furniture or installing a better shower. The more organized you keep your home, the more praise you are going to get from your guests. Simply by changing the curtains of a room and getting new ones which go well with the wall decor can be a game changer. You can also buy home decor items online. Let us see some of the decoration hacks which have been there forever.

1) Mix the textures

Do you want your guests to feel bored in your house? The decor of your house has a positive impact on the mood of your guests and the more you mix home decor items up; the more people will prefer living in your house. You can even get the decoration items online. Each room and place have a different vibe, and hence you need to mix it up accordingly. For example, you can keep the study area in some industrial matter shade which has neutral tones, but the dining should be a little more brightening and have contrasts. There are different types of cushions, rugs, and pillows which are available, and you can use them to make your dining space look more comfortable. You can also go for wooden and rattan furniture to decorate your living room.

2) Lighting should be layered

When there is only one type of lighting in your room, like an overhead light or so, the rooms feel like two dimensional. Also, a room with dim lights is not a good place for guests to talk or have fun. The better the lighting of the room, the more it will elevate the mood of the people in it. When there are different sources of light in your room, it looks better. There can be several places to place a source of light. You can have an extra floor lamp or place a table lamp in some corner or have sconce. All of them looks fine, and the best part is you can light up any of them depending upon the purpose.

3) Discover new accessories

A room is nothing without accessories. You can always try new ones which match the home decor of the room. The more new and unique the accessories are, the more guests will be inclined towards it. You can keep experimenting with those. Recently, I got tiles with pebbles drawn on it for the washroom, and it looked fine. It is necessary to go bold at times and a little bit of modern touch on the classy decoration items online will not harm. You can always update the style statement and make your own.

4) Have a simple base colour in at least one of the walls

The lighter the colour of the walls, the more lighted will be the room. Dark colours tend to absorb most of the light and make the rooms look dull. Although the new bold colours are very much in the market, make sure to give it contrast, you have one all with light colours. You can also do for wall designs on the base colour or use deep coloured sofa sets or other furniture to contrast. You can also go for the removable wallpapers because they are easy to set up and even if you make a mistake in setting them, you can rectify it. They come in different patterns and shades; you can choose the one which you feel will go with the room.

5) Measure the space

Before you plan on getting new furniture, you always got to measure the space and then bring it. You need to ensure that even after keeping the new sofa set or any other furniture, there is enough space for you to travel in the room. Before you are going to purchase big items like a bed or sofa set, makes sure you measure them an hacked check that they are going to fit properly.

6) Go for materials and pieces that you love

Everyone has a unique choice, and it is always advisable to purchase the items that you want to for your home. Just make sure you have an idea in your mind as in where to place them, and they fit properly in the place. The bets rule while you are all set to decorate your home is to get the things that you love. No matter if they are in trend or not, if you feel it is going to be the highlight of the room, then get it.

7) Make bold choices in colour

No matter how much the matte and dull colours look nice, the bold colours are always going to rule. Other than black been your favourite colour while choosing the dress, you can also try a black wall or some dark bold coloured wall because they look classy. You can use golden colour lights on the same wall to contrast.

 8) Check the curtains

The smallest of the things in your house can make a big change. The curtains of the house need to match the colour of the walls. One of the classiest ways to fix your room if it is looking dull is to have a look at the curtains. Go for the expensive ones with good colour and texture so that it looks nice on the walls.

These are the certain hacks in decorating that can be followed all the time. These are evergreen because trends may come and go, but style remains forever. Since it is a costly investment, make sure that you plan it out carefully before purchasing the furniture.

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