Why I Love My Father: A Father’s Day Tribute

Why I Love My Father’: A Father’s Day Tribute

This post is a tribute to all the Fathers out there. It is a great honor to have such wonderful fathers in our lives who have mentored and coached us throughout our lives.  Fathers are an indispensable part of our lives.

We would like to pay our respect to the fathers on this Father’s Day. The internet is flooded with Father’s Day presents. If you want to gift something this Father’s Day, check online for Father's Day Gifts Online.

In this blog, we are going to take you through some anecdotes that will talk about the love and respect for the fathers.

1.    From Raman Raja (Bangalore)- It feels great to share how my father appreciates every little thing in life and does not complain about anything. Even if something bugs him and he is really not happy, I just cannot figure it out from his face as he is always smiling.

I like the way he cheers me up when I feel low or grunt at something. That is the reason I love my dad so very much. I would like to wish you ‘Happy Father’s Day’ from the core of my heart. You are truly a person who I look up to.

2.    From Prithvi Raj (Mumbai)- My love for my father cannot be expressed in simple words. My father just cannot stop worrying about us even now when her daughters are married and all well settled. My father has always been there during the times of crisis situation.

I remember he has been offering me money whenever I have needed it. No matter how little the money was, his concerns about me had proved his unconditional love and affection. I still feel like his little girl although I am a 32-year-old grown up now.

3.    From Subrata Majumdar (Kolkata)- My father is the person who did everything that he could to support education of my elder brother and me. He worked hard for seven days a week without complaining a single day in his life. I have never seen him taking a day off, or falling sick, and resting the entire day.

He was determined to give us the best education. Although he suffered a lot when my mother fell sick but I have never seen shedding tears for a single day. I remember his amazing voice teaching me different things like reading and writing while I was a child. I believe whatever I have achieved in my life, the entire credit goes to him.

Had he not been there in my life, it was impossible for me to stand on my feet and do things that I am doing today. Father, I would like to thank you this Father’s Day for all that you have done for me and I owe my life to you!

4.    From Gayatri Sethia (New Delhi)- My father has been the backbone for the family. Words would fall short if I start talking about his contribution. I was very unfortunate to lose him when I was in last year of my school. My father, who was a follower of classical music, was an engineer by profession. He made a wooden desk for me when I was a little child.

The best thing about him is he always supported me and I always found him on my side whenever I wished to do something. I still remember I had a strong urge towards electronics and how my father supported me to go ahead and study it. Although he is not in this world, I still would like to wish him ‘Happy Father’s Day.

5.    From Sanjeev Agarwal (Ludhiana)- When I was a small child, I often used to ask money from my father. I found it surprising when he denied money. I have seen him fighting for even very little money which astonished me.  Slowly, I understood that my father was saving money for our future needs.

He went to office in the morning where he toiled for the entire day. To support the family, he even joined an advocate’s office where he did a typing job for the advocate. He brought work home and used to work till late night.

While I was growing up, it was time for me to take the competitive exams. He sent me to Bangalore to take coaching from there. Soon, I got a respectable job in the government sector. I was very happy when I got my salary as it was five times more than my pocket money. One day I heard my father talking to one of my neighbor's about my achievement.

He also mentioned that my salary was more than him and that made me understood that my father’s real intentions. He wanted me to become better than him and be a successful man in life. The decision that he took, and every penny that he saved was to help me become a big man in life. What a great father he has been! On this Father’s Day, I salute my father for his foresight.

6.    From Paul Thapa (New Delhi)- My father has given me the two most precious things in life. First of all, he loved me unconditionally and I have seen him sacrificing everything for me in his whole life. My father has been the greatest inspiration for me. He gave me the best education because of which I am a successful man today.

7.    From Tuhina Arora (Haryana)- I have spent some of the most memorable moments with my father that I cherish till today. I loved the day when he showed my presentation to everyone, I loved the day when he got me the dress that I had been longing to buy for a year, I adore that day when he helped me cook the food that I was preparing for my classmates. Actually, I loved every little thing that he did for me. Happy Father’s Day, dad! Well, those small things that you did meant a lot.

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