Where Should I Keep a Buddha Statue at Home?

Buddha statues and altars are quite a common sight in Buddhist and non-Buddhist homes alike because of their religious and aesthetic significance. Having a Buddha statue at your home creates an aura of peace and tranquillity, and also adds a touch of serene beauty to your home. You can create a space for meditation around a Buddha idol at your home or create a beautiful altar for Lord Buddha at your home for worship.

What direction should Buddha in a home?

However, there are a few things that you must keep in mind before keeping a Buddha statue at your home since it bears a religious and cultural significance. Here is a list of things that you may consider while getting a Buddha statue for your home.

A Buddha statue should always be placed on an altar. Since Lord Buddha is a religious icon for the Buddhists, it is important to adhere to their religious beliefs while keeping a Buddha statue at your house. Keeping in mind the cultural sensibilities of the Buddhists, one should refrain from placing a Buddha statue on the ground, as it is considered disrespectful. Instead, one should always build an altar for Lord Buddha before placing him in your home. If you do not have enough space to build an altar, you can simply place him on top of a decorative table, or a shelf which is solely dedicated to the statue. While creating an altar, ensure that it is placed in a position where people would not have their feet pointed at the idol. Change the location of the altar if it happens to be at the foot of a bed or a couch. A Buddha statue may be placed at the entrance of a house so that people can observe the statue while entering your home. You should also refrain from placing the idol in bathrooms as well as bedrooms, as these spots are not compatible with the notions of spirituality and enlightenment that is represented by an idol of Lord Buddha.

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Different Poses of Lord Buddha

The different poses of Lord Buddha must be taken into consideration while selecting a Buddha idol for home. The different poses of Lord Buddha also determine where the idols shall be placed.

Meditating Buddha

Meditating Buddha Sandstone Statue

The meditating Buddha with his hands fixed in a cosmic mudra should be placed in a meditation area with the idol facing the east, that is, the direction of the rising sun.

Travelling Buddha

The travelling Buddha idol with a string of prayer beads around his neck and the gourd of enlightenment is usually placed in the northeast corner of the house for educational achievements and in the southwest corner to help a budding relationship come to fruition.

Blessing Buddha

The idol of the blessing Buddha with one hand raised in a gesture of benevolence is best for an area outside your home, especially your garden. The idol of a rotund and potbellied laughing Buddha may be placed in the southeastern part of your home, in order to bring in wealth and prosperity.

Garden Buddha Statue

garden buddha giftii.in

You can also place a Buddha statue outdoors in your garden for aesthetic as well as meditational purposes. The Buddha idol can easily be placed in a garden on a raised platform so that it is elevated from the ground, in a position where it is facing the house, so that Lord Buddha may keep an eye on the well-being of your home. You can also decorate the altar with plants and occasionally light incense sticks in front of the idol to reinforce the atmosphere of tranquil serenity. You can even buy a Buddha fountain for your garden that would add aesthetic value to your garden.

Buddha Head Statue

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If you are planning to have a Buddha head statue at your home, you should reconsider your decision. The Buddha face statue is a common artefact which is often used to decorate homes, but the disembodied head is usually considered as sacrilegious by many Buddhists. Thus, while choosing a Buddha statue for your home, it is best to steer clear of Buddha busts since they may be deemed as culturally insensitive.

Materials of Buddha Statue

Take note of the material of the Buddha statue while you decide where to place it in your home. The Buddha idols made of wood may be placed in the southeastern corner of your home to welcome wealth and prosperity. Metal idols of Buddha made of bronze and copper are usually placed on the northwestern part of the house for health and wellness, and earth Buddha idols can be placed in the northeastern or southwestern part of the house.
A Buddha idol is a symbol of peace and serenity which may bring health and wealth to you and your family. By keeping these few things in mind, you can welcome happiness and prosperity at your home by bringing in a Buddha idol.

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