What You Should be Gifting to a Gemini Woman

Gemini woman is the representation of the duality of life which makes them excellent mediators when the controversial situations come up. They have a light, flirtatious and humorous traits which make them stand out in the crowd and this is one of the reasons why they have so many friends. These women are intelligent, enthusiastic and love living their life to the fullest.

Gemini women are very communicative and have sociable skills. They are fun to hang around but sometimes they might feel detached and get very serious in certain situations. The twin personalities of this zodiac signs make them a person of many traits. If you are planning to gift something to the Gemini woman in your life, then here are some gifts that you can pick for her:

Gemini Cross body Handbag 

A crossbody handbag can prove to be a cute gift for the Gemini women. The best part about this bag is that it can be detached and used a fanny pack when the need arises. The functionality of this bag makes it a great gift for your women friend or girlfriend as she can use it regularly.

Printed Turtleneck Pullover Hoodie 

A girlie turtleneck hoodie would look stylish and cute at the same time. You can also buy a similar one for you so that you can both wear it together on special occasions. This would work well as a sweatshirt and would be a perfect gift during winters.

Gemini Cubic Charm Pendant Necklace 

The 14 carat yellow gold pendant can be a nice gift for someone who loves jewellery. To add a personal touch, you can even get it handcrafted and hand polished. Stones such as Zirconia can also be added to the pendant as they make it look more beautiful. Make sure that you choose the right length of the necklace depending on the person whom you are gifting.

Gemini Tall Wine Glass 

A tall wine glass is the best present you can gift to a Gemini women as it look very aesthetic and can be used for special occasions. You can make the glass personalized for your loved one and get their name etched on the glass.

Women’s Best Freakin’ Gemini Girl Ever T-shirt 

This simple and classic T-shirt would be perfect for someone who has a chill out attitude towards life. You should let her know how you feel about gifting the shirt. Choose a color that she prefers the most and would love to wear.

Gemini Woman’s Coffee Mug  

A jumbo coffee mug would be perfect to start your beloved’s day. It comes in white porcelain and has the Gemini zodiac sign. You can get the cup customized and choose the design on your own instead of going with the already available one. You can even add quotes or name of the person on the cup to make them realize their importance in your life.

Gemini His and Her Titanium Wedding Anniversary Rings Set 

If you are married to a Gemini woman or getting married to one, then it would be best to get a set of two wedding or engagement rings. Either pick up a rose gold or two-tone silver rings as they look stylish and quirky.  This would surely be a perfect start to your relationship.

Love of Gemini Double Heart Designed Cuff Bracelet 

If you loved one loves the bling factor in jewellery, then get her Swarovski crystal bracelet and she would sure love it. This gift is perfect for a young girl or even someone who is much older as all women love wearing jewellery. You can choose a design which is centered on two heart as it represents Gemini energy quite well.

Gemini Soular Therapy ‘eau de toilette’ 

Choose a nice fragrance when you are gifting eau de toilette to your girl. You can choose either flowery smells or a fresh one such as the one that contains lemon oil that would help in soothing body.

Queen Gemini Racerback Tank

A tank top would be perfect for someone who goes to the gym or during the summer months when the heat is at its peak. This would surely look simple and attractive. You can pick up neon or bright colors as they look amazing on the tank tops.

Gemini Laptop Carrying Neoprene Sleeve Case 

These days, everyone uses laptop so gifting then a waterproof sleeve case would make for a good gift. This case comes in four sizes that range from 11 to 17 inches which makes it ideally suited for everyone. You can pick up designs of the zodiac constellation along with three zippered compartment and a removable shoulder strap to make it more functional.

Funny Gemini Women’s Watch 

Gifting a watch would be perfect and especially if it is a special occasion as they would love to receive a precious gift. Choose a design that they can wear at both works and casually.

Gemini Duvet Cover Set King Size with 3 Piece Bedding Set 

The Gemini-themed bedding set that comes with a duvet cover for king size bed along with two pillow cases makes for a perfect gift. Your girl would surely love to go to bed after the day’s work.

Sunglasses in black and brown shades

These sunglasses make for the most beautiful and stylish gifts that can be picked exclusively for your girl.

Short Kimono Solid Satin Lounge Robe 

A short kimono satin lounge robe will prove to be a comfort gift for her. The Gemini women love a girly thing and so this robe would be a perfect gift for her. It is reasonable and beautiful at the same time.

Gemini Crystal Healing Set 

The crystal healing set is perfect for the Gemini women and would help in healing and blocking the curses. These crystals include Opalite, raw blue calcite, clear Quartz as well as a small floral smudge stick. These are packaged in a nice gift pack and can be a great gift to keep the bad vibes away for your Gemini girl.

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