What Message do Your Gifts Send to The Receiver

Words are not enough to display our affection to our loved ones. That is why we present gifts. Not all articles that are bought and wrapped in shiny covers can be considered as gifts.

A gift is one, which shows the concern of the giver and the attention he/she pays to you. It does not necessarily mean that only gifts symbolize love for the other person. Even without gifts, your day-to-day actions will make the person feel happy. But, a gift shows that you are attentive to them and their habits. This will make the person feel precious. It is the thought that matters.

Occasion of gifting

One does not gift his/her loved ones every day. Only a special occasion demands special attention. It is on this memorable day that you gift to show how much you value them.  The most important days in a person’s life are birthdays and wedding anniversary. No matter how much you have pampered them with gifts before, the gifts given on those days hold an exceptional value. The modern era has the trend of online gifting gaining popularity all over.

For instance, a simple wish from our friends on your birthdays will make you feel good. You feel you are valued and that the other person has not forgotten you. This feeling of appreciation multiplies when you receive gifts. The same is the case for your beloved, be it our parents, kids, spouse, or friends. When you see the smile on the face of your loved ones, you will feel elated.

There are other important days in one’s life. This caters to the life-turning events that have happened on that such as the day you proposed or you were proposed to, your graduation day, etc. Apart from this, there are important days celebrated universally, such as Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine Day. Romantic gifts are also highly popular all across the world.

There is also one more relation that is as impactful as others, that is, teacher-student relation. In memory of your teacher and his teachings, you can meet him/her on their special days and gift them.  Send gifts to India when you are far away!

Message in a gift

Gifts and love have become synonymous with romance. That is not the case. All relationships exist because of love, from our parents to our friends and teachers. Each relation has its value. Hence, the gifts prepared should convey the meaning of such bonds. It should not only display the love you have but also the importance you give for the relationship.

Apart from gifts bound for loved ones, there are also gifts intended to convey the emotions of gratitude and repentance, that is, thank you and apology gifts. The gifts need not be as personalized as the previous ones. But, it must be such that the receiver understands your emotional state from that gift alone. In case of sorry gifts, if the receiver accepts it, then it implies that the person is ready to forgive the other, which is a good sign.

In short, the gift has to convey the intended meaning clearly. Size of the gift does not matter, but the message does.

Science of gifting

There is always a scientific concept behind every human behavior. From a psychological perspective, men view gifts as a means of exchange to gain sexual favours. While women tend to have a more emotional attachment to them. According to the results of the research of Huang and Yu (2000), the gifts themselves affect the relationship either positively or negatively.

In a more recent study by Jonason, Tost, and Koenig (2012), the motivation to gift is to maintain the interpersonal relationships. Also, there is the difference in how each gender views gifts: men see them as a way to advance the romantic bonds in the early stage of dating; women place emotional significance on the gifts.

Considering both the above analysis, it is clear that gifts have the power to determine the status of a relationship: to maintain the status quo, advance it to the next level or topple it. The gifts are influenced based on the gender and stage of relation.

Tips to select gifts

Any decorative article placed in a store shelf draped inside a birthday cover can be given as a gift. But, with time, they lose their value. So, the purpose of gifting is lost.  Here are some points to help you select your gift for your loved ones:

  • Find out your beloved’s interests and buy your gift based on that. For instance, if he/she reads books, you can try to grab a copy of their favourite author.
  • You cannot on all occasions present the item of interest.   So, in other circumstances, find out what they need the most at that time. You can surprise them by giving it.
  • Personalize the article by adding your photos or your words.

To add happiness to your life moments, gifts are the best way. Moreover, in old age, when you look back at your life, only these memories bring immense happiness. For the sake of those present and future life moments choose your gift wisely.  Send over special gifts online on special occasions.