Guide 2022 Valentine’s Day Traditions from Around The World

8 Unique Valentine's Traditions

The Valentine's Day is just around the corner and men must have been trying hard to get Valentine's day gifts for her. Most of the stores have packed themselves with gifts that are suitable for valentine's day like chocolate boxes, teddy bears, flowers and all of them will make your Boyfriend or Girlfriend feel special definitely. But, in different countries, there are different ways in which lovers celebrate valentine's day. There are different Valentine Gift Online which couples can look for getting some Valentine's Day Idea. Some couples exchange greeting cards whereas some countries follow the tradition of gifting heart shaped candies to their significant other. Isn't it interesting to find out how each country celebrates their valentine's day, some countries even celebrate 7 days of Valentine, although the deep lining message is sharing the love? Can you believe there are traditions like gifting wooden spoons as Valentine's Day Gifts For Him even in some of the countries? Let us see how different countries celebrate valentine's day all across the world.

1) Denmark

Denmark has started celebrating Valentine's Day recently, and it celebrates this day with a hint of Danish culture. When most of the countries celebrate this day with roses, the Danish people love to show their love to near ones by enhancing snowdrops which are pressed white flowers. Another popular practice among people in Denmark is exchanging lover's cards. The lover's cards which were exchanged among the people is usually transparent, and originally, there is a picture of the person who is giving the gift in the card. Most of the guys also give their lovers 'gaekkebrev' which is a joking letter, and it has some jokes or a funny poem written in it. But, the appealing part about it is that the name of the sender is mentioned in the paper in anonymous dots and the lover has to guess it. If she guesses it correctly, she can get an Easter egg as well.

2) Germany

In Germany, Valentine's day is not celebrated by people in school. It is mostly for the adults because they believe that it is a mature subject. The couples share pictures of pigs and some of them also gift their partner chocolates which are in shape of the pig. Pig is usually a sign of lust and luck in Germany, which is why it is exchanged among the partners. The Americans usually prefer giving chocolates because it is considered a romantic dessert in their country. However, the people in Germany usually share ginger cookies of heart shape to convey the love they have for their partners.

3) France

France is considered as one of the most romantic places in the entire world. Most of the lovers celebrate Valentine's day in a pretty romantic way here. One of the most popular thing which is done during this day is 'loterie d'amour' which is basically about drawing for love. In this practice, the men and women both face each other in the house and then chooses a partner. If they don't like the partner with whom they have been paired, they are free to leave the women for other men. The women who weren't chosen can enjoy the bonfire later at night. The bonfire is a pretty amazing practice, where women can burn pictures of the men who haven't chosen them and broke their hearts during this day. But, along with the time, the event was becoming more uncontrollable, and it had to get banned later.

4) Japan

What could be better than sharing chocolates during Valentine's day! Women gift their partner with chocolates in Japan. The 'honmei choco' is the chocolate which has true feelings in it, and most of the women even make the chocolates for their sweethearts at home. These chocolates are more expensive than the 'giri choco' which is just a bar of obligation chocolate which is given to classmates. The men in return give their loved partners goodies on the White Day. However, that is celebrated a month later, and if the women don't want to wait for a month, they can have the 'jibun choco' on the same day as a treat!

5) South Korea

It is one of the most popular holidays in South Korea and is celebrated by couples of any age. Valentine's day is a big occasion in South Korea and some of the families even extend this occasion all through February to April. However, the gifts exchanging start from 14th February itself and the women gift their lovers with amazing things like chocolates, flowers, home-made candies. However, on 14th April which is celebrated as white day, the men reciprocate their love by giving their women partner gifts. They gift them flowers, chocolates. Along with Valentine's day, White day, there is another day which is celebrated which is the Black day. On this day, all the single people mourn because they don't have a partner. They celebrate this day by having 'jajangmyeon' which is black bean-paste noodles.

6) England

Valentine's day is celebrated quite nicely in England. Women celebrate it usually by placing five bay leaves on their pillows. Women believe that doing so is going to bring them the Husband that they have ever dreamed of. The five-bay leaves are placed at the corner of the pillow, and one is placed in the center. They can also wet the leaves in rosewater and then place it across the pillows to get their dream husbands.

7) Philippines

It is one of the most romantic countries in the world and Valentine's day is mostly celebrated in the Philippines by getting married in this day. Most of the couples decide to get married in this day, and they gather in malls or some public areas to share the vows and share the bond for the lifetime.

8) Italy

Valentine's day is also celebrated as Spring festival in Italy. The couples and young people gather together in gardens and enjoy some music, poetry, and dance. The unmarried girls also wake up early in this day to look for their husbands. Lovers also share romantic dinners and shower their partners with amazing gifts on this day.

Valentine's day is all about showing your love to partners. It is one day which is celebrated in name of love and everyone should take a day off to spend time with their partners and show how much they mean to them.