Unique Birthday Gifting Ideas You Can Impress Your Partner With

Unique Birthday Gift Ideas

Birthdays are a time to gift your loved ones something unique and special. We wish that we can find the best birthday gifts for them. And trust us it is not at all difficult if you have the budget for it. There are so many birthdays gifting ideas from DIY to personalized ones. You can buy birthday gifts online from the list we have for you.

Birthday gift for girlfriend and Women/wife

1. Thoughtful photo album or frame

The best and easiest idea to gift your girlfriend can be a photo frame or an album. You need to find your photos and go to a photo shop to get them printed. You can also create the DIY album or buy one from the local store to create the best birthday present for your girlfriend. These days, scrapbooks made by DIY are also in trend. You can decorate the album in a way you like to impress your girlfriend. You can also buy unique photo frame online at Giftii.in.

2. Promise ring with stones

You can gift the right message to your girlfriend by showing your love through a promise ring. Personalizing the bracelet is yet another option, and you can win the heart of your girl by getting the ring personalized with your birthstones. Calling it a promise ring will attach more and more sentimental value to your gift.

3. Desk Decks

If you are in the early stages of your relationship, you can gift her something to be placed on her office desk. This will remind her of you all the time. You should get something of emotional value to win her heart. Along with emotional significance, your gift should also have good looks when it comes to placing it on the desk. This kind of gift will continuously remind her of you and take your relationship to another level.

4. Manicure

Getting a manicure set is a perfect unique birthday gift idea for wife or girlfriend. When your wife is having a hectic day at work and home, giving her something that relaxes her will surely win her heart. A manicure and pedicure set will make her feel much better, and she will be thankful to you for taking care of her. Also, if you have time, there is nothing better than helping her out in doing manicure and pedicure. This will be the most romantic gift for her.

5. Necklace

Jewelry has been the favorite of many women all over the world, and There are so many different varieties of jewelry available in the market. These days monogram necklaces are in trend when it comes to gifting girls. You too can get this for your girlfriend or wife and make her feel special.

6. Bracelet

Bracelets are an evergreen gift you can get for your girl, be it the occasion of birthday, or anniversary. The best part about bracelets is that they never get old or out of fashion. You can also get the bracelets personalized with her initials. This will make the gift all the more special for her.

Unique Birthday gift for boyfriend and Men/husband

1. A new pair of sneakers

Boys need sneakers no matter what. You can get the most commonly used yet different white pair of sneakers for your boyfriend. The best thing about them is they never go out of style, and will always be a useful addition to your boyfriend's wardrobe. You can buy them online in different styles and at affordable rates.

2. A t-shirt

When it comes to gifting boys on their birthday, you can get confused as there are limited options. Another evergreen & Unique gifting idea for your boyfriend can be a simple yet elegant t-shirt. You can buy a set of t-shirts or a single t-shirt of his choice. There are a lot of websites that offer a wide variety of t-shirts for men. You can explore them and choose the best for your boyfriend. T-shirts will also be a great birthday gift for husband.

3. Cocktail tool set

If your boyfriend loves mixing drinks, getting a cocktail toolset for him would be a different type of birthday gift. No one expects his girlfriend or wife to get a cocktail toolset for them. You can surprise your boyfriend by getting this unique birthday gift.

4. Backpacks

Backpacks do not always need to be heavy and bulky. You can choose from among a wide variety of backpacks available for boys, both online and offline. If your boyfriend goes to the office, you can pick a sleek designed laptop bag for him. When you are looking for backpacks, look for functionality and practical use. If your boyfriend is into trekking and other adventure activities, you can also get a trekking bag for him on his birthday.

5. Shaving kit set

Why not gift something beneficial to your man? When it comes to usefulness, nothing is better than getting a shaving and grooming kit for your boyfriend. He might be using it on a daily basis, and therefore there are high chances that he will need it. You can ask him which brand he uses and then gets the best kit for him. Never compromise with the quality of the grooming kit you are gifting to your boyfriend as he will be using it daily.

6. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are always a good gifting idea when you have to gift your boyfriend on his birthday. Boys like using sunglasses, and there are a plethora of sunglasses available in the market. Most of the brands that manufacture watches also manufacture good quality sunglasses. You can choose the style that will look good on your boyfriend. These days, sunglasses that are both vintage and contemporary looking are in trend. You can buy one of these for your boyfriend.

Online shopping has made it very easy for all of us to buy and send gifts to our near and dear ones. We can send them gifts just by a click of the mouse. If you want to send birthday gifts to India, you can choose our website and shop online.

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