Unique and Fresh Gift Ideas for International Women’s Day

Women play an essential role,  in each one's life.  A single person plays numerous roles at a time. She should be appreciated for her hard work and her character. She also deserves to feel special and be acknowledged as we all know that international women’s day is celebrated throughout the world.  It is observed in the 8th march every year. They are excelling in every field,  be it science or technology,  fashion or knowledge,  they are standing at an equal footing with the men.

She may be a corporate lady or a homemaker; she may be a student or a teacher. Each and everyone should be acknowledged and appreciated.  They deserve a token of love, and one should also show how much they care for them. Here we are,  suggesting you some gifts that you can give your lady on women’s day.

Win hearts with a singing telegram

The singing telegram is a perfect gift for your soul mate.  It shall make her feel unique and extraordinary.  She will get delighted with the beautiful music.  Surprise her at her office,  and she will be the happiest.

Stack some happiness for the person you love

Calories always fix the mood.  Calories also make people happy.  You can gift the important women of your life with a beautifully decorated cake that is attached to a heart-shaped balloon portraying your affection towards the individual.

Women are mostly fond of jewels

Jewelry can make any women happy.  But,  do not forget to keep it sweet and simple.  You can easily gift your woman a pendant attached to an elegant piece of silver chain that shall enhance her beauty.

Relaxation session

The women work all day.  They hardly get time for relaxation.  Hence,  you can get her into the yoga classes,  organized by zen.  She will get the opportunity to release her stress.


One of the essential parts of most of the woman’s life is beauty products.  They are very particular about their skin and the way they look.  She will love you,  even more,  when you gift her beauty products from her favorite brand.

An extraordinary bouquet

Women are fond of decorating their houses.  They are mostly attracted to the newness and things out of the box.  You can present your lady with a bouquet of her favorite flowers in something elegant and breaking the stereotypes of regular vases,  like a teapot.

Chocolates can melt hearts

When it comes to chocolates,  women of every age are exceedingly fond of chocolates.  They can easily be impressed with a box of Confectionaries.

Fruity surprise

A fruit basket isn’t such a bad idea for a bold and aristocratic woman.  Not everyone is fond of bouquet and chocolates.  For them, a fruity basket is more than enough.


Everyone loves gift baskets. For a fitness freak, health kits and goodies are highly appreciated by them.

Travel kinds of stuff

For a person who travels a lot,  travel accessories make the perfect gift item,  as it can easily be of her use. So,  travel stuff shall also not fail you to win her heart.