The ten types of gift givers

The ten types of gift givers

Gifting is an experience. Those who give or receive gifts understand this better. Giving a gift to someone can be a difficult task because you need to know the person. Sometimes you have to pick up ideas from the conversations you have with people to decide the perfect gift for them. Giving and receiving gifts is supposed to make both parties happy. Anniversary gifts, wedding gifts, birthday gifts, there are so many different types of gifts that can be given to your loved ones. The happiness one feels when people see gifts kept for them is unimaginable. You can only feel it if someone has ever gifted you. And this happiness keeps on growing.

Generally speaking, there are ten different types of gift givers.

The genuine gift giver

These people are those who are gifting you because they genuinely want to do so. You can never doubt their intentions about giving you a gift. If you even have one such person in your life, you should consider yourself lucky. If you have a genuine gift giver in your life, you should try and savor them. The fact that they are gifting you genuinely should be enough to keep you going. If you are a genuine gift giver, you will always be loved by all, and you will appreciate other people’s efforts towards gifting you.

The status hound giver

These people want to show off their money and status by gifting expensive gifts. These people also want to show off their power through their gifts. For these types of gift givers, it is all about them and nothing about the recipient. And most of the times these gift givers aren’t concerned about the people whom they are gifting to. If you are thinking of wedding anniversary gifts, then you cannot just think of giving expensive things without attaching your emotions to the gift.

The safe players

These people believe in gifting collectibles to their loved ones because they feel that it is the safest option. They don’t want to experiment in giving gifts as it might go severely wrong at times. Apart from being the most reliable option, art collectibles also allow you to be creative and add a great deal of variety to your gifts. Especially if you are thinking of buying gifts for girls, you can impress them by gifting them art pieces. A quality collectible or art piece will always be the right choice as it can adorn the walls of their house and beautify its décor. Art paintings, sculptures, and other such things are great choices when it comes to gifting collectibles. They also make for fantastic housewarming gifts.

Last-minute gift givers

You will always find people who gift money, especially for wedding gifts and wedding anniversary gifts. These are the last-minute gift givers. They never prepare in advance about gifting and thus end up giving money as gifts. These days, these people also opt for gift vouchers as it is a more fancy way of giving cash as a gift. There’s nothing wrong in gifting money as wedding gifts or birthday gifts, just that people wait for something different when it is a special occasion for them.

The gadget gurus

Now, this is the latest trend, especially when it comes to gifts for men or gifts for boyfriend. Men seem to have some weird obsession with gadgets, and this obsession is also reflected in their love for devices as gifts. Forget about adults, and if you are looking for gift ideas even for kids, they would expect you to gift them a PlayStation. If you are buying gifts for boyfriend, nothing else will make them happier. And many of you might also be sharing this love for gadgets, just that you don’t accept it openly. You can express this love of yours for devices by buying them as gifts for husbands and boyfriends.

The Complainer

These people will get you the best gift possible but will never stop complaining about it. Their complaints would include all the stories of how they managed to get this gift and all the difficulties they faced. You will have to listen to their endless complaints just because you are the one receiving the gift. On birthdays, people receive so many birthday gifts, that they end up complaining about the quality and price of each one of them. It is like the more gifts you receive, the more complaints you have.

The sentimental giver

This is that person who knows you in and out and will go to any lengths to get the best birthday gifts for you. They have an emotional attachment with you, and this is reflected in the choice of their gifts for you. You can expect them to gift you a picture or a memory to cherish forever. Giving you a gift is no joke to them as they attach emotional value to the wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, or any other gifts given by them.

The easy way out gift givers

These people try to find the most natural form of gifting their loved ones. Although they don’t mind giving gifts, they are not the ones who will make an extra effort towards buying birthday gifts for husband. So the best they can get is greeting cards which serve two purposes - emotional attachment and token of love.

Charity givers

Then there are those who love to do charity when it is their loved ones’ birthday or any other special occasion. Their gifts for husband include donating money to some charity in the belief that something good will happen to them later. If you too are a philanthropist, you are this kind of a gift giver.

The re-gifter

This type of gift givers believes in regifting the gifts they have received anytime in the past. Most of the time, they do not use the gifts they receive and pass them to others like birthday gifts.

Whatever be the type of gift givers, you should appreciate their sentiment and accept the gift with the whole heart.

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