The Ritual of Rakhi and How it is Celebrated Across India

Raksha Bandhan is an unspoken promise between brothers and sisters solidifying their relationship. It likewise fortifies their strong bond against all ills and chances. The Rakhi festival is celebrated on Shravan Poornima in August yearly. Such an auspicious day is marked by the sisters tying a sensitive, at times decorative string on their brother's wrists as a token of adoration and love.

This makes the siblings bound to shield their sisters from any inconvenience or harm. The reciting of a blessed mantra by the sisters while tying the string which depicts tying a "Raksha" to a brother, like the one attached to Bali, the strong lord of the evil spirits. "Gracious Raksha, be firm, don't falter" is what it means. The mantra reviews how the evil spirit lord Bali had turned out to be extremely strong with the Rakhi on him. The intensity of the mantra should shield the wearer from shrewdness impacts. This shows how secure a sister feels when she has a sibling. Tying this Rakhi or Raksha implies the re-fortifying of the bond between the kin of inverse genders.

On this auspicious occasion, brothers offer token rakhi gifts like cash, to their sisters. Sisters also have Gifts for brothers too on this occasion. Exchanging gifts has been a part of this celebration for quite a while. These presents are a token of adoration and friendship of the brother towards the sister. Although, the gift presented by the brothers itself is viewed as the most excellent present for the sister. Honoring a brother with the merchandise and eatables, home-made or purchased, pursues straightaway. The sibling has the choice of imparting the treats to the sister and the remainder of the family. The regular customs are followed with significant commitment and devotion.


Raksha Bandhan day begins with an excellent state of mind in each Indian houses. Rakhis are made or purchased a day before the celebration. Conventional treats and dishes are arranged promptly in the first part of the day. After an early shower, the offering Puja (worship of God) happens. The sister at that point offers "aarti" (a conventional method for revering) to her brother and ties the string on his correct wrist. Customary "tilak" or vermilion powder on the temple of the sibling is put, and the sibling favors the sister. The convention of offering presents is a significant piece of this celebration. The brother offers gifts for sisters as a blessing after she ties the Rakhi on his wrist. This blessing goes about as a token of adoration and fondness of the sibling towards the sister. The sisters may sometimes choose their present to keep it as an adoring memory of that very day. However, not any monetary or tangible gift, but the brothers blessing to the sister is perhaps her greatest gift.

The Rakhi celebration has various shades in different parts of the nation. Here is a brief on them:

Narali Purnima in Maharashtra:

Since Maharashtra is a seaside state, it organizes Narali Purnima alongside Raksha Bandhan. On this full moon day of Shravan, the followers offer coconut to the ocean, as regard to Lord Varun. The Koli people group follows this custom in the state. It likewise denotes the start of fishing season for fishers. They play out a ritual to the Ocean God to shield them from normal disasters. Bits of coconut is then circulated as 'prasad' among family and companions, while coconut rice is the main dish on this day.

Lumba Rakhi in Rajasthan:

This festival is celebrated in most North-Indian states where sister’s bindi rakhi to their brothers and petitioning God for their permanent status, and brothers also make a vow to shield their sister from afflictions. However, among the Marwari and Rajasthani people group, sisters also tie rakhi on the brother’s wife bangle too. Such an event is called as Lumba Rakhi. It is believed that since the spouse is known as the 'ardhangini' or better-half, no Raksha Bandhan custom with the sibling is complete without his wife. Henceforth, the duty of a sibling to ensure and adore his sister is similarly shared by his better-half too.

Pavitropana in Gujarat:

While sisters attach rakhi to their siblings, this day is likewise celebrated as Pavitropana. On this promising day, many people offer water to Lord Shiva and look for his endowments. People here trust that the individuals who offer prayers to Lord Shiva on this day are pardoned of every one of their transgressions.

Kajari Purnima in Madhya Pradesh and Bihar:

Rakhi is celebrated in Madhya Pradesh and Bihar as Kajari Purnima. It is a significant celebration for ranchers as this favorable day denotes the start of the new season for cultivation. It is also believed that the following season will be amazingly ideal for planting grain and wheat, which are their first harvests.

Jhulan Poornima in West Bengal:

It denotes the finish of the five days long custom of Radha-Krishna swinging on the jhula (swing), henceforth the name. The festivities begin on the Pavitra Ekadashi and finishes on Raksha Bandhan or the full moon day of the month. Radha and Lord Krishna are situated on a swing or jhula, and it is swung. The swing is adorned with many blooms, and this grand festival is grandly celebrated at the Iskcon temple in Mayapur, and it will be no different this time during Rakhsabandhan 2021 either.

Jandhyam Purnima in Uttarakhand

Raksha Bandhan and Janopunyu are celebrated in Kumaon on this day, which is otherwise called Shravani Purnima. Individuals exchange their Janeu (hallowed string), generally worn by Brahmins community.

Gamha Purnima in Odisha:

On Raksha Bandhan day, Gamha Purnima is celebrated in Odisha. On this day, people here worship and adorn their domestic cows and bullocks. Sweet dishes called pitha made of rice glue, and coconut filling is set up on this day and circulated to family and companions.


Although traditions and ceremonies related to Raksha Bandhan vary from one district to the other, however, the festival of the holy sibling sister nexus gets a similar mind-set gaiety and intensity in each Indian house.


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