Surprise Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend's Birthday

Birthdays are special. But when it is the birthday of someone you love - like your boyfriend, it is a whole new level of special. To make your guy feel like the king he is, here are a few surprise gift ideas for the boyfriend birthday.

We promise you he will love these creative gift ideas for your boyfriend as much as he loves you!

Vintage Wine Case in leather | Best gift for him

vintage Wine Bottle Box

We can make an endless list of good gifts for your boyfriend. But if he is someone who has-it-all, finding the right birthday gift for a boyfriend can be difficult. Enter our vintage wine case! A perfect birthday gift for a boyfriend who has everything, it looks as tasteful as it is practical. Now all you need is a good bottle of wine, some good food, subtle music, and you are all set to make his birthday memorable!

Gift Box For Him 

Gift Box For Men & Boyfriends

Your boyfriend might expect a good gift on this birthday. But how about you surprise him with multiple awesome gifts? We know what you are thinking. Such a hard task to find one good gift for a boyfriend, how do you find many? The answer is simple –Giftii’s surprise gift box ideas for the boyfriend!

What truly makes our gift boxes one of the best and unique birthday gift ideas for boyfriend, is the fact that it is an assortment of goodies that he will actually use. Moreover, he will miss you every time he does! Oh and yes it comes with a frame that says - Mr. Perfect. Well, isn’t he for you?

COOL Emoji Mug For Partner  

Quirky Emoji Coffee Cup


Wouldn’t life be great if boyfriends always in a good mood? If you wish the same for him, let your actions speak loud and clear with our Emoji mug. To make this gift for boyfriend a little more romantic, on his birthday, you can plan breakfast in bed and get his choice of beverage in this mug! We are sure, he will be stunned!

Musical Windmill: A Decoration Gift For Bae

Mini Couple's Figurine With Musical Tones


There are many men out there who are not big on celebrating their birthdays. If your guys happen to be one of those, trust us when we say that you cannot go wrong with cute couple gifts for your boyfriend. Our musical windmill showpiece is both adorable and romantic and so tops the list of cute birthday gift ideas for the boyfriend.

Lovely Bedroom Decorative Message Jar for Men

Colored Glass Bottle For Love Messages


If your guy is a sucker for all things personal and customized, the best surprise gift for the boyfriend will be the one that is handmade. For the ones who do not have the flair to make handmade gifts for their boyfriend, we have this gorgeous message jar for you! Just write your message on the blank letter that comes with this birthday gift for your boyfriend, and be rest assured you will bowl him over.

We know finding a birthday gift for a boyfriend can get tricky. This is exactly why we have curated a handpicked assortment of nothing great gifts for the boyfriend. Find the perfect one for you man HERE Because Pyar Hai to Giftii Hai !!!