Some Unique Gift Ideas for Newly Wed Couple

  • There are a number of choices available to us when it comes to wall décor and clocks, and it is difficult to choose the right piece for our space that fits in and looks like what we imagine our space to be like. Here we have compiled together ten modern clocks and timers that can help you to get a feel of what kind of piece you are looking for that can mesh with your vibe and make your modern space a success. While decorating, some of us are even pickier. We do not want the pieces to take attention away from the structure and the beauty of the space itself, but we also want our decorative pieces to have character and somehow stand out individually.

    A wall clock or a timer is such a piece that can be visually pleasing and if placed and chosen correctly can be a successful visual appeal for any space. Let us study some unique pieces below and try to figure out which piece is the best choice for your home décor items. Most of the pieces that are described below are pieces that can be easily available to you if you buy clocks online. Let us take a look at the 10 best modern clock ideas:

    1. Black Bottle Crown Analog Wall Clock: This is a modern 34 cm low sound clock with a solid blackcolored frame. There is a tough, high-quality blackcolored frame that has a subtle shine and looks beautiful in the morning sun. It has a 34cm diameter which enhances readability and allows high-quality movement of the clock hands. It also has a slot that makes it easy to hang it using nails or other options. Its light weight also helps it to support itself using relatively low strength support.

    1. Classic Black Alarm Clock: This is a rough and hardwood classic piece that has serves the purpose of being both a wall clock as well as an alarm clock. It has a clean and efficient design that is a great match with modern spaces and especially wood-based designs.

    Classic alarm clock


    1. Modern wall clock with a White Bottle Crown: This is also a 34 cm wall clock that appears designer with its white bottle crown features and has an aluminum frame that meshes with most modern spaces. It is extremely accurate and has the added quirk of appealing to the people with a scientific frame of mind.

    1. Modern Platform Clock: This clock has a digital vintage with aunique display of time on a wall platform. It has easy readability with its solid display and attractive display modes. It is a perfect addition if you are looking for a timeless, vintage beauty for your home.

    platform clock


    1. Blackout metal frame minimalistic black alarm clock: This timepiece is an extremely savvy one with blacked out dial and artistically designed minimalistic features to give a bare down feel to the piece. It is beveled edged and has powder coated colors and can easily be kept on a table for easy readability and access.

    Figure 5 alarm clock

    1. Classic Silver Finish Alarm clock: Silver-tone modern clock that has a metallic casing and crystal glass over the dial. Designer numerical are marked using slim black markers to indicate the hours. This piece is distinguished from the rest because of its simple yet sleek look and effects.


    1. Classic Square table clock: This clock is a mix between the classic modern looks and a slightly distressed finish. It has a distinct impressive size and uses distressed casing for the unique look. It acts as a high-quality functional clock with extreme accuracy and industrial look. It has the capacity to look amazing in kitchens, foyers, or even dining rooms depending on your interiors.

    square table cock

    1. Blue Animated Standard table clock: This piece comes in a distinctly animated feel with a cute cartoon drawing on its interior design. It has a classic feel to it with the designer, fun numbers and a glass front. It has great readability, and the quartz sweep movement guarantees accuracy in time and silent non-ticking characteristic. It is a great piece to include in the décor of your kids’ room.

    blue wall co


    1. Romantic Couple Table Clock: Another great piece is the Contemporary romantic table clock with simple ultra-modern style and features like easy readability and the figurine of a couple in love for the overall design of the clock. You can consider this table clock as a great gift option to the newlyweds or a couple on an anniversary celebration.

    Romantic-Couple table clock

    1. Iron Pitcher Table clock: Amongst all the timepieces that have various shapes, this one may be more preferable over the others due to features the shape of an iron pitcher,and a strong, sleek look with ultimate finished with black edges. This piece also has quarts hand movements that make it extremely silent and non-ticking along with the feature of being extremely low maintenance.

    Here we can find a number of pieces that can mesh well with our idea of a modern space, but it is not easy to choose one that is perfect for your space. To choose, there are certain parameters that you need to judge like what are the features that you value the most or what are the necessary looks that you think will suit your space or even what theme is your space based on and does the piece mesh with that vibe or not. Together with all of these features, we can come up with solutions that can convert your space into a beautiful haven.  It is extremely essential to make the right choice with home décor items as they define the space and what it feels like and any mistakes can prevent us from making our space into our ideal expectations.