Inexpensive Gift Ideas For The Love Of Your Life

Isn’t the feeling of finding something that you truly love, whose company you enjoy and whom you want to be by your side so surreal? Celebrating a bond as pure as this sometimes demands efforts, and other times a surprise shower of Inexpensive Gifts! Don’t know how to select a gift for someone you love? Read on and take cues:

Multicolor Printed Coffee Cups


Unique inexpensive gifts that are expressive at the same time are a rare find. And at Giftii, we believe why say I love you the conventional way when you can do it in a million different ways? Starting with our ceramic coffee mug for instance. Perfect for an introverted person who wants to convey their feelings without feeling overwhelmed. What makes this the Best gift for lover is the fact that they will think about you with every sip from the cup!


wooden photo frame with 3d words

Every couple has at least one favorite memory that they want to cherish for the rest of their lives. Pick your love’s favorite memory, print, and frame it in this rustic wooden photo frame. With this Gift for love, you not only brighten up the home a bit but leave room for your better half to reminisce the good old times! 

glass ball for couples as a gift


If you are like Ross & Rachael – each other’s lobsters, this is one of the best gifts for the person you love. Featuring an adorable glass dome with miniature figurines, twinkling lights, subtle music, and snow effect it is as romantic as Gifts for loved ones can get. The words ‘eternal with you’ etched on the piece make embody your promise of being with your partner in sickness, health, and forever!

Glass Decorative Jar For love messages


One of the most difficult tasks in this world is getting hands-on Inexpensive Gifts for Someone who has Everything. And this is exactly where the power of personalization can kick in. Though such individuals might have the most Unusual and Unique Gifts in the world, they might not have a message that comes straight from your heart! 

Our Lovely Bedroom Decorative Message Jar for Lovers can help you add that touch of customization. Scribble something awe-worthy on the notes that come with it, throw in a couple of small gifts or toffees and you are all set to win your partner’s heart!

Silver Couple on swing


You know how sometimes you watch a movie, and it makes you both go – ‘This is so us!’ If there was a figurine representing the same feeling it would be our Cute Lovers Swing on Tree! Crafted with resin and hand painted to precision, even looking at it will give you butterflies in the stomach. To make it a little more special, add a handwritten note before you give it to your love.

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