Gifts that Make Oldies Happy

Personal gifting to older people can be a challenging task. Since older people have a lot of experience and a lot of other things too, they might not be able to accept your gift quickly. Many times, they won’t even need the things you are planning to gift them.

If you too are looking to buy gifts for grandparents, this article will help you choose the right one.

Here are some gift ideas for grannies, that will make them happy on receiving one.

1. Brain games

You must have seen your grandparents talking about their mental prowess now and then. They like to talk about how they could solve difficult puzzles and questions within no matter of time. You can gift puzzles and brain games that will keep them engaged and also improve their mental health. Sudoku and crossword challenges make the best gifts for those grandparents who love to enjoy mental challenges.

2. Massage pillow

With old age comes the problem of body ache. And nothing can be better than a warm and soothing back massage for older people. Massage pillows are meant to provide the much-needed massage to them without being dependent on anyone else.

3. Sleep machine

Older people find it difficult to sleep well. Sleep troubles and other such issues are quite among them. Sleep machines work by generating calming sounds that can help them sleep easily. Some of these machines even adjust their sound to the surrounding environment.

4. Portable induction cooktops

You might always be thinking of the safety of your grandparents or parents when you aren’t at home. Using a gas stove can pose a huge risk to them, especially when they are alone. You can minimize these worries by gifting them an induction cooktop so that they can get rid of the problems that come with the usage of gas.

5. Spectacles holder

If you are looking for something inexpensive, you can buy them a new spectacles holder. Here you can experiment with the latest designs in the market.

6. Soft blanket

A soft and cuddly blanket is all they need when they want to relax and watch TV. While they might be having it already, they won’t mind getting a new one. Try and choose a lightweight blanket with soft and pleasing colors.

7. Netflix subscription

If your parents love watching movies and are unable to head out due to old age problems, you can gift them Netflix subscription. This will allow them to watch their favorite movies whenever they wish to.

8. Kindle or e-reader

If your grandparents love reading books, why not buy them a digital book reading device that will allow them to read them as many books as they want without any hassles. It is easy to carry a Kindle anywhere you go, and thus they will be able to read a lot.

9. Coffee maker

If you don’t want your grandparents to get trouble making a good coffee for themselves, you should consider gifting them a coffee maker. Single-serve coffee makers are best suited because they allow them to make a cup of coffee.

10. Card games

Grandparents always tell the stories of playing cards. And they would love to do it now when they are free. So you can gift them a set of playing cards or any other card game that they can enjoy with their friends and neighbors in free time.

11. An old photo

If you want to make them feel nostalgic with your gift, you can find some old pictures and get them framed.

12. Gift vouchers

You can also give them money vouchers that can be used for movies, spas, salons, etc. They would love to go there, and you will love watching them relax.

13. House Cleaning service

Older people who live alone, appreciate when someone else takes care of their household chores. They might not be able to clean the house regularly, and you can schedule visits of house cleaners for them as a gift.

14. Event tickets

If your parents or grandparents love to go out, you can also book movie or sports event tickets for them. They will appreciate this gesture that you care for their entertainment.

15. Hearing aid

If your grandparents have a hearing impairment, you can also give them good-quality hearing aids. This is something they will use and will appreciate the efforts that you care about their health.

16. Knee cap

If your parents or grandparents are suffering from arthritis and face difficulties in walking or climbing stairs, you can buy them a knee cap. This will give them relief from pain, and they will always remember your caring gesture.

17. Automatic jar opener

In old age, people find it difficult for their daily chores, as simple as opening a jar. You can simplify their life by giving them an automatic jar opener.

18. Heated mattress pad

Nothing can be more comforting than a good night’s sleep. You can buy them a heated mattress that provides relief from body pains and helps them sleep better.

19. Non-slip socks

You can get socks that come with a rubber grip and prevent them from falling. These socks will also keep them warm. There are a wide variety of such socks available in the market, and you can also buy online gifts for them.

20. Homemade multipurpose basket

Oldies love homemade things. If you can take some time out of your busy schedule, it would be better to gift them a handmade basket in which they can store their stuff.

21. Light therapy lamp

These lamps help you in getting outdoor light to your grandparents when they find it challenging to move out.

22. Weather monitor

It would be better if they know what the weather outside is like before they head out. A weather monitoring device will help them do just that.

23. Family art piece

Everyone loves family gifts. You can give them engraved family tree with all the names on it.

24. Digital photo frame

These photo frames allow you to upload pictures even when you aren’t there. They won’t miss you much.

25. Photo Locket

Oldies love anything nostalgic. Pick an old photo of theirs and get it fit in a photo locket.

Your grandparents or parents will love these gifts when you send gifts to India.

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