Cyber Monday - All You Need to Know About The Online Festive Binge!

Whats, Hows and Whys of Cyber Monday for the Online Shoppers

Cyber Monday 2018/Cyber Week dates back to the year 2005 when it was just started. During that time, the online stores were becoming highly popular but still people needed to be pushed in order to get to these stores and purchase products. The online stores started with their sales in order to compete for the sales that were done during Black Friday. Moreover, Cyber Monday is also derived from the word cyberspace which was another word for the Internet in the old days.

The concept was started when people started purchasing products when they are at the office as they have good access to the Internet during that time. Moreover, during the early days of online shopping, Monday happened to be the most lucrative day for online stores so this was adopted the perfect day to hold sales.

Cyber Monday Shoppers are quite clear about the reason behind high expectations from this day as they get to but their favorite products at some amazing prices than the normal day. More than 40% percent of the shoppers find the 24-hour convenience facility a great feature as they can make feasible purchases within this hour.  They also get to compare the prices and find this ability highly efficient. Moreover, the reason behind the popularity of Cyber Monday is due to aggressive sales that are offered by the retailers that have an online presence.

Forty-five percent of the retailers get coupons or a certain amount of discount while more than one-third people offer limited promotions. Moreover, half of the retailers make sure to increase their free shipping budget whereas some of them offer free shipping. These retailers are often smart as 36% of the shoppers tend to purchase products more when the shipping is free.

How to Get the Best Cyber Monday Deals

You can find deals that feature a schedule of what the retailers have to offer during the time of deal of the hour promotion. Moreover, you can even find sales from a large number of retailers who are making sales of your favorite products. Half of the deals that you get during cyber Monday are shipped for free and can be availed on discounts. In addition to that, you also get free gifts when you make a purchase with these stores.

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Impact of Cyber Monday on Retail Sector

Cyber Monday has boosted the growth of Internet retailing. and it is estimated that by 2020 this sector would cross 523 billion dollars with a 10% rise on an annual basis. With the mobile phones being used for. almost every online purchase there has been a sudden rise in the everyday transactions, that are made instead of purchasing from the retail store. Moreover, it is estimated that the business of shopping malls would eventually slow down over time. only those retail shops which can attract people such as the likes of Apple and Tesla would survive the test of time.

According to some reports there were also cases of bankruptcy at high record rates in 2018 and some of the well-known brands such as Nine West and Toys R US announced a severe case of bankruptcy in the initial four months of their establishment which is somewhat a bad news for the offline stores as they need to buck up their marketing strategies in order to stay ahead in the market.

Cyber Monday is not to be confused with Black Friday as the latter one is ideal for purchasing gadgets while the former one is still an ideal day for purchasing clothes. You can make the best deals in these respective categories on these particular days.

Pluses and Benefits of Cyber Monday

One of the major benefits of Cyber Monday is that it offers free shipping that you would not find in the stores that have hosted the Black Friday sale. Also, another difference between these two is the fact that Cyber Monday is done online which means that you do not need to stay in waiting for long hours and you can just check the social media and find good deals on your favorite products. Different social media platforms use different strategies for Cyber Monday promotions, and you need to be quick enough to get the best deals at some amazing discounts.

The newsletters that you might have signed up for along with the brands that you might be following could add up to the number of emails along with targeted ads that you might get to see. You may even find it to be a fair trade. You can also unsubscribe to the deals once they are gone.

Important Takeaways

It is recommended that you buy clothing and beauty products which are certainly the best deals that you would find in Cyber Monday. Moreover, the packages that you get for vacations along with the travel deals can certainly be counted among the best ones.

Avoid buying household appliances as these products are best sold during Black Friday or Thanksgiving for that matter. Smartphones and tablets can also be bought during Black Friday as they are at the best deal during that time. Apart from that, speakers are available at the best deals during this time.

You should always remember to make a comparison with the shop especially during the Flash sales as they come with a great discount as suggested by the retail price. The purpose of MSRP is to use it for convincing that you are making a great sale. As Cyber Monday is an online activity, you must definitely check the prices twice. Several online stores such as Amazon offer great deals during Cyber Monday, and you should verify the deals as well. Make smart purchases and try to save on the product prices so that you would find at a high price on other days. Apart from Cyber Monday and Black Friday, there is also a Green Monday which most of the people are not aware of and is ideal for shopping at great rates as well.