5 Things you should not gift as per Vastu Shastra

When we want to show our love towards somebody, the best possible way is by giving them gifts. However, as per Vaastu Shastra, there are certain household things that you should not gift. Regardless of whether you are not having any faith in the logical speciality of vastu, the person you are gifting might have. That is the reason it is fundamental for you to put a ton of thought into picking the ideal gift. To make the whole procedure simple here are five things that you never consider even.

Napkins and Towels:

A few people like to give gifts that are personal, and napkins or towels are significantly considered in this case. Although, as indicated by Vaastu Shastra, these things are not be presented to anyone as they cause pessimism among you and the recipient. Once you have no other choice but to bear such endowments at that point ensure that you give them a coin consequently.

Anything with water:

Water objects or aquariums for beautification are a typical component with regards to Vaastu Shastra. In spite of this fact, it should never be considered as Home Decor Gifts. It is a belief that by giving such things, you pass your karma and fortune to another individual.  Water objects are a cause of regular problems arising due to possible financial loses. In reality, water is a component which has solid energies dependably in movement. It either can suit an individual or may not. Likewise, the individual to whom you are gifting that specific water masterpiece may not know about the right Vaastu guidelines for putting that water piece in an appropriate direction. Rather, you may go in for breeze chimes as this is a decent gift according to Vaastu.

Gods and Goddesses statues:

Each Hindu house has a statue or image of a divine being in their pooja room. It is the main thing that particularly common amid weddings and housewarming parties. In any case, what the majority of you probably won't know is that these statues or pictures are not viewed as propitious. If the recipient can't deal with the figures accurately, it may present to it a great deal of antagonism. For example, Lord Ganesh is a symbol of “siddhi” or good fortunes, hence a Ganesh Murti at the main door can be a good option provided you take appropriate care.

Stationary things:

Business-related things like stationery are additionally a wrong decision for gifting according to Vaastu convictions. These things can cause destruction in somebody's work life as opposed to spreading flourishing. Whichever the business the recipient individual may work for, you ought to never give them things identified with their activity. If you fill in as an author or in an innovative field, never offer gifts like pens, books and such. A pen denotes all the benevolent acts you have ever done throughout everyday life; it symbolizes the heap of your prudent deeds. Gifting a pen infers the giving away of those temperate deeds and the related great karma to the individual. The equivalent applies for different ventures.

Sharp items:

Another huge NO with regards to gifting options for housewarming gifts is a sharp item. These can incorporate cutlery sets or notwithstanding cutting machines. Sharp articles like swords or blades are known to acquire unfavourable energy into the home which may be a cause of conflict among your loved ones. This is the reason it is prescribed that we utilize a cutlery stand wherein we guarantee that while working in the kitchen we don't hurt ourselves pointlessly. You should rather go for anything other helpful items for a kitchen like cookware or beautiful storage sets and so forth.

Some other different things that one must abstain from gifting include:

Wallets and moneybags:

Abstain from gifting wallets, moneybags or satchels. Wallets and satchels ought to be bought and utilized. They ought not to be gifted as these articles mean storing cash. What's more, by gifting it to someone else you are really sending the positive financial energy from you to another. You may instead gift a novel on adventure or fiction to your loved one according to his or her taste.

Avoid Pickles:

Mango pickles of different tasty flavours are liked by everybody. However, this is something you need not present to your companion nearby as any form of gift whatsoever, especially on occasions like friendship day. Pickles are known to cause bitterness the relationship in which you share it. The best thing to do is to give the pickle some other day and request that the individual to give you a one rupee coin so it ought to show up as though the individual has paid you a token sum for the pickle. You may go for bedsheet sets or bed blankets and so forth as this is a promising gift Vaastu. It demonstrates closeness between relatives.

Dry Flowers:

'Dry blooms' are considered as negative. Nowadays we get all kind of exquisite dry blooms. They are fundamentally for the purpose of decoration. Fresh blooms denote life, love, bliss, magnificence, and scent. Dry blossoms denote stillness, simulation, and dormancy. You must go for new blooms and club it up with a beautiful perfume set or a showpiece.

Painting or statues of Savage and Wild creatures:

You must stay away from the photos, painting, and statues of birds and wild animals like pigs, asses, snakes, asses, bats, vultures, pigeons, owl, and crows and so forth. Vaastu prescribes not to keep or show a solitary fledgeling or creature in the couple’s room. Any picture or statue of a wild creature isn't to be kept at home as it delineates ferocity in everything. It acquires a brutal methodology in the thought process of individuals living in the house. Something like a Laughing Buddha can be a good gift option.


We must put some thought behind while presenting something to our friends keeping Vaastu in mind. Hopefully, these tips can help you in deciding what you should gift and what not.


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