11 Weird Valentines Day Traditions from Around the World

Valentine's day is the day when everyone shows their love for dear ones. There are different ways in which one can show love to one another; someone prefers sending them gifts while some of them gift them flowers. This day is celebrated almost in every country across the globe, and different countries have come up with different ways in which the partners are going to express love to each other. Some of the partners like writing poetries whereas somewhere there are traditions to send handmade chocolates to their partners.

Most of the people are looking for valentines gift which they can give to their loved ones. In this article, we will share the numerous ways which one can opt to shower their love for different countries.


1) Ghana

Valentine's day in Ghana is all about chocolates. If your lover is fond of chocolates, you need to impress her in style followed by Ghana. The lovers gift their Valentine's with chocolates, and most of them are handmade ones which add even more personalization to it. Some of the lovers also made hampers for their loved ones which are filled with chocolates and gifts. Chocolate is one of the ways to show your love for the other half. Ghana is also one of the major manufacturers of cocoa beans in the world, which is why the chocolate they produce are of great quality. The national government of Ghana gas introduced the policy of making people indulge in chocolate on this special day of love by declaring Valentine's day as National Chocolate Day.


2) Japan

What is the usual protocol that is followed almost everywhere in the world? The men make women feel special. Well, not in Japan. They go against the protocol, and it's the women who make their man feel special in this day. They gift their men chocolates and gifts, and the men return their love with a special gesture in March. The manufacturers of chocolate make many unique designs of chocolates to increase the sale and ensure that the men feel special in this day.


3) Denmark and Norway

Norway and Denmark are one of the most romantic countries in this world. The entire country has beautiful and romantic places where they can celebrate the day of love. Nature is also favorable, and it reflects love throughout the year. However, on this special day, there is something special that happens in the country. The men or women send their loved ones gifts or cards without mentioning their name. The ones who receive the gift have to guess who their anonymous lover is and if they can guess their admirer correctly, they are going to receive an Easter egg as a sign of gift and appreciation. However, if they are not able to guess the name correctly, they will have to gift them one as a sign of apology. To make it easier to guess, the admirer signs their name with the number of dots which represents the number of letters in their name.


4) Wales

The lovers in Wales exceptionally celebrate the Valentines day. It is almost like an occasion to them, and they pay respect and homage to the Welsh patron saint of lovers on this day. The loved ones send each other gifts during this day. One tradition which is strictly followed by the lovers is sending their loved ones wooden spoons which is almost carved out so beautifully that looks picture perfect. They start exchanging the gifts almost in January to avoid all the hush in February.


5) South Korea

The ultimate romantic nation of the word is South Korea. Each day in this romantic place feels like Valentine's day and this special day is filled with love. There are so many sweet and lovable gestures which are reflected by the partners during this day. They send their loved ones with gifts which can be roses, chocolates, wines. They hug and kiss each other during this day openly in the streets. Not just that, they also send their lover's fluffy toys and flowers to make them feel special.  But, why should only the loves have all the fun? The single people also enjoy their day in April which is known as Black day. In this day, all the single people gather and celebrate their independence.


6) Philippines

This country is one of the most romantic destinations in the world. There are so many couples that love to spend their honeymoon in this city. This country goes even beyond to celebrate love on Valentine's day. Most of the lovers put a ring on their Valentine to shower love during this day. It is also the day when most of the people get married to express their love. Now, isn't that very sweet and unusual! There are many weddings taking place in large halls, malls, parks and not just that, the people who have married for years also renew their vows on this day! What a sweet gesture to shower love!


7) Czech Republic

The Valentines day is celebrated with great love in this nation. Most of the people kiss their loved ones under the cherry blossom tree because they consider it to be good luck and blessing for the couples. They also send their loved ones with flowers and chocolates to show their love and appreciation on this day.


8) England

England has been celebrating this day of love for centuries now, and they have been practicing the tradition of keeping bay leaves beside the pillow of their loved ones from history. They consider it as a token of love for their partners. The concept has come through because it is considered that if a bay leaf is kept under the pillow before this night, they are going to have sweet dreams.


9) South Africa

Have you heard of the tradition Lupercalia which is celebrated in South Africa? It is one of the most unusual ways of showing your love to your partner. Instead of gifting them with roses or chocolates or some hampers, the lovers wear a shirt in which they write the name of their loved ones to show how much they love them. If the guy is lucky, it might also end up to date or even marriage. Isn't that a great start to a relationship in valentine's day. People also go to restaurants in the day which is specially decorated with flowers and hearts to make it look even more romantic.


10) Finland

Friendship is love, they say. So, why send gifts to your loved ones? In Finland, Valentine's day is also celebrated as friendship day and the people not just exchange gifts with loves but also send gifts to their best friends and near and dear ones. Its one of the sweetest way to show much you care and love people who are dear to you. They send chocolates, gift hampers to their best friends and celebrate this day.


11) Germany

It is one of those countries that unusually express their love. They send their partners with chocolates, gifts which have models of pigs in them, which is considered as a sign of lust. They even send chocolates to their partners who are shaped like a pig. The recent tradition is, however, giving an oversized gingerbread heart as a present to your partner to show love. In this gift, there is also a sweet message for them to make their day. If the one receiving the gift is interested in their partner, they show it by sharing the oversized gingerbread heart with them.

These are some of the nations that celebrate love in a very unusual way. There are different places where amazing chocolates, gifts, flowers can be found for Valentine's day. The malls are almost filled with gifts which one can buy for their loved ones. It is a great practice to dedicate a day to your partner to show the love you have for them.