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Rib-tickling gift ideas for him to make his birthday special


Rib-tickling gift ideas for him to make his birthday special

All and sundries always adore presents. It is because they symbolize a token of love and affection that we have for our beloved ones. Irrespective of the size and type of gift, what matters most is the feeling hidden inside it. As the times pass by, several gift ideas have evolved, and it is significant as to what you want to choose in terms of gifting your friend and family member on a specific occasion, for instance, a birthday. Through a special gift, you can convey your sincere feelings towards your loved ones, and at the same time, the joy and happiness you will see on his/her face after you have gifted them with something special will mean a lot to you.

Here are a few unique birthday gift ideas that can help you to make this occasion for him special:

“Wishing Your Birthday Is” Greeting Card:

A gorgeous yet straightforward looking birthday card makes its presence felt always. This card with ices cream scoop and softy images in it will greet your friend “A Very Happy Birthday” in its unique way!


Birthday Cake:

Needles to say, it stands out. No birthday celebration is complete without it. No matter whatever is his age, a cake will always bring pleasure for him. Search for the unique ones with distinctive flavors and make this birthday a memorable one with a beautiful cake.

Forever 3 Piece Chocolate Box:

What gift can be best than a sweet little box of chocolates during a birthday? These chocolates packed in heart-shaped boxes will make his birthday a special one.

WTF Rubber Stamp:

 It is quite a useful gift for sure. If your friend had to deal with certifying a lot of paper works and other vital documents, then he will surely love this thing. It is a simple yet cute product that will be quite a handy gift for your loved one this birthday.

 Funny printed towel:

Gift your friend this birthday with something humorous. Who doesn’t to have laughter in their life? This is an item that will satisfy this need. It is a rib-tickling present for your friend on his birthday for sure.

USB hand warmer:

Like the rubber stamp one, this is another handy gift. If your friend spends a lot of time working on a computer (which is obvious nowadays), he must be using the mouse a lot. With this product, his fingers can get a lot of relief from stressful use.

Giant headphone speakers:

Is your friend music freak? Does he enjoy loud music? If he does, then this product will make his day. Gift him this product on his birthday and let him dance to his tunes!

Creative clock:

This is some fantastic and unique work of art. They come in different varieties to choose from. Whether your friend loves showpieces or not, this item will surely draw-in his mind.

Funny hat:

This hat will not only protect your friend during winter, but also its funny looks will also be good enough to tickle his senses. It will shield your friends face from cold, which also shows how much you care for him.

Whisky Glass:

If your friend enjoys drinking, then this is a cool set to present. It is a sort of gift that he is undoubtedly going to cherish. If his birthday is nearby, this gift is going to be a perfect party choice!

Animal toothbrush holders:

This is something which will quite enjoyable for not only your friend but all his other family members, as well as kids. This gift will surely make all of them smile for sure.

Comfy log novelty travel cushion:

If your friend is a regular traveler, then this one is certainly worth it. This will offer you comfort in sleep during travel, and also this is humorous.

Measuring belt:

If your friend is looking to shred some extra kilos, then this belt can help him to maintain that. Help him in his endeavor this birthday with this product.

Desktop vacuum cleaner: 

It is another useful product which can make your friends house cleaning process an easy task. Help him to keep off his house clean during this birthday celebration.

Funny socks:

Who doesn’t want to go back to childhood? Make your friend’s birthday a memorable one with this product that has images of different funny animals that will remind him of his old days and bring more colors in life.

Lazy Mom slippers:

This is not a gift for him but is it good for his mom. One she is tired of her household work, these slippers can give her quite a relief to her feet.

Perfume For Men:

Men will love fragrance for sure, and this product has the touch of mild and gentleness, which are ideal for executives and corporate men. Most importantly, it lasts long and always carries a freshness feeling to it.

Astronaut Mobile Holder:

This one is a cute little mobile holder that makes you stay connected always. When connected with a charger or cable, it looks trendier. Bring this one today and let your friend adore such a gift.

“Self Stirring” Coffee Mug Red:

Would like your friend to wake with a warm cup of coffee? Here is the best gift then. Sipping in this cup will revitalize him at the start of every day.

The Iron Man Key Chain:

With the Avengers series making the headlines today, this is another excellent product if your friend has two-wheelers. This gift will suit his personality for sure.

Rose Pen Drive:

Let him store a lot of happy moments with this cute little storage device. It is one convenient device which will last with him for a long time.

Knott Brown Leather Wallet for Men:

This product has both style and professional appearance to it. Even if you are in a casual look, this one goes well with it. Its velvet finish Knott leather is also a good reason why you should be it to presenting him this birthday.


Irrespective of whatever your gift is, your feeling towards your friend is what matters. However, if you are gifting him with something he adores and rolls him in laughter, you have hit the bull’s eye!