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These 7 Stories Prove That Unexpected Gifts Are The Best Gifts


These 7 Stories Prove That Unexpected Gifts Are The Best Gifts

Have you ever surprised your partner with some unexpected Romantic Gifts? Yes, it feels lovely to receive birthday gifts or anniversary gifts from near and dear ones; however; when we receive unexpected gifts, it becomes a more pleasurable experience. Many times, we purchase gifts at the last minute just for the sake of making an appearance in an office or friend’s party. However, gifts become more meaningful when they come unexpectedly, and the purpose behind gifting someone is thus achieved.

In this article, we are going to take you through seven such stories that prove unexpected gifts are the best gifts.

1.   A life-changing gift

When I was very young, and my little sister was a baby, I got a gift from my father that changed my life. The gift was a Kodak Instamatic Camera. The idea was to keep me occupied in some productive work, and that might be the reason why my father opted for a camera as a gift. I think he sensed something about me that I am still unaware of.  The day since I got the camera, I started clicking pictures, and soon it turned into my passion. Today, I owe to my father for gifting me such a treasurable gift like a camera that changed my life completely. - Priya Desai


2.    A gift that was a blessing for me

I am from a small town in Bhopal. Although I finished my primary education in Bhopal, I got admission in one of the prominent colleges in Delhi. After passing out from college, it was the time to opt for a job. At the beginning of my career, I got a job in Delhi and then shifted to Mumbai. Finally, work brought me to Bangalore. Although being a small-town girl, I managed to survive in big cities like Delhi and Mumbai with few people around. When I came to Bangalore, the city was utterly unfamiliar, and I had no acquaintance in that city. Soon, as time passed, I tried to settle in my job. I could buy a house in Bangalore and started residing there. While I was moving to my new home, my parents gifted me the most beautiful gift I have ever received in my life. It was my grandmother’s copy “How to live and survive in an unknown city." This book brought an instant smile on my face, and I was ready to face all odds and challenges. The gift came as a real blessing for me. - Gauri Shaw

3.   I cannot control my emotions when I look at this gift  

I still remember it was my first baby shower, and I was flooded with gifts that comprised of all necessities starting from diaper bags, burp clothes and loads of other essential things. I was feeling grateful to my family members for gifting me such useful items. Suddenly, my mother placed a box in my lap. I wondered what could it be as I have received everything that I could ask for. When I opened the box, I discovered it was a baby quilt, and its pattern was the same the one my grandmother had gifted to my mother when she was pregnant. Soon, I discovered that this baby quilt was sewed by my grandmother for my baby long before I was even married. She made this in the expectation that my baby would use this someday when she isn't around- Rina Burman

4.   The Best Gift In My Life

 Ever since I was a little boy, I longed to buy Optimus Prime. I started to earn money by doing some jobs. When I could finally save some money, I managed to get one and played with it until it fell apart. Twenty-five years later, I discovered a company of Japan manufactured Optimus Prime; however; it was beyond my capacity to purchase it. I took to Facebook to tell people that I won’t get a chance to play Optimus Prime again. To my surprise, I got a message from a person who was willing to give a first-generation Optimus Prime to me, however; only on one condition. The condition was he wanted me to play it. As promised, I often take the Transformer to play with it. – Shyamal Sharma

5.   Love Makes Me Stronger

 A death that occurred in my family that left all my family members in a great shock.  My father in law died in an accident and the family reunited on the weekend after the sad demise of my father in law. My husband and his cousins were there, and I got a bracelet from them. However, this bracelet was not an ordinary one. Before they gave it to me, each one of them took the bracelet in their hands and blessed it. When the bracelet was finally given, it consisted of the love and blessing of all them. Till today, the bracelet makes me feel stronger from inside. – Lata Menon

6.   A Perfect Gift

 With kids around in my house, you will find my home always in a mess. My husband remains busy in his business trips, and I often felt exhausted doing the chores all by myself. One day, while checking the emails, I found a card from my sister in law who lives miles apart. The card consisted of a gift that had three house cleaning services from local service, and she paid for it. I could not control my tears, and it was a perfect gift that anyone could expect. -Lina Tiwari

7.    The most amazing gift I have ever received

My mother died six weeks before my birthday. I received a recorded video of my mother singing 'Happy Birthday' to me while she was in her deathbed. My brother recorded the video and presented it to me. It is the most fantastic video that I could ask for- Aditi Agarwal

The seven stories prove that gifts that are unexpectedly received are more memorable and thus considered the best ones.

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