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5 Great Ways To Present A Special Gift



The process of giving gifts in a romantic relationship can be quite stressful. Does it get stressful wandering stores searching for something you would like? Do you find yourself in a fix between buying something from outside and something homemade? It is all so difficult to find the perfect way to present the unique gift of your dreams.

After having purchased fine jewelry, you cannot wait to see the face of unboxing the gift. The Gift though remains oblivious, the anticipation surrounding the moment of delight and surprise builds up. However, if you want to make the moment stand out, here are a few tips to make it extra memorable. This way you will be giving her a great story to live by.

1. Scavenger hunt

This is an all-time favorite way of presenting a special gift. You need to create some clues for a particular surprise gift from one single destination to the next. The final clue will bear the real surprise and will be so much more exciting compared to just cash or a certificate.

However, this takes a bit of planning and planting clues. Isn’t this a lot more exciting than just gifting cash? Opening just an envelope consisting of money is extremely sub-optimal. Instead, send them for a scavenger hunt and make it super fun and exciting.

2. Puzzle Pieces

This is another way of presenting quirky gifts online. Here, you can either draw a picture or even print one. The photo or picture can be an actual image of an actual gift, clue or word to the place where the gift is hidden. You need to the picture into 20 pieces, a lot similar to a jigsaw puzzle. Then present the puzzle pieces as a gift which needs to be put back altogether. This kind of puzzle need not be anything specific and can be anything you want. The more complex, the better the suspense. If the present is much awaited by the receiver, he/she will work hard to earn it. You can add in more creativity by overlaying an image or a text on a puzzle and then cut it out for them.

3. Hiding the special gift inside another gift

One gift might be great. However, two are even better. The primary gift can be related to the main gift. For example, if you are gifting jewelry, make the prime gift a holder for the jewelry. When they open the gift expecting nothing else, the secondary gift is even better.

Here are a few primary gift options:

A jewellery box – The new jewellery needs a place to keep it safely when they are not wearing it. The ornament can be tucked inside a beautiful wooden jewellery box.

Stuffed animal – If your partner loves stuffed toys, you can get it to serve as the primary gift for jewellery presentation. You can tuck the jewellery on the toy for the grand reveal. You can also make the animal wear the jewellery, so it looks like the animal is wearing it.

A large box of chocolates – Chocolates and jewellery make a great combination. You can buy a huge box, and remove some of the chocolates. Put jewellery in any of the vacant spots and make room for the jewellery. On opening the favorite chocolate, they will find a sweeter surprise.

A decorative jar – You can keep the jewellery inside an opaque jar having a lid. On opening the gift, the jar can be kept on the shelf to be a memory for a lifetime.

A Plant – Brighten the day of your partner by gifting a beautiful plant or a bouquet of flowers. Tuck the jewellery piece beneath it or keep the box between the plant stems.

A handbag – Women love handbags, and no bag is ever enough. Place the jewellery inside the handbag. So when the receiver is thrilled to receive the bag, she will be even more thrilled to find the piece of jewellery kept inside the bag.

A gift of their choice – Now that you know the significant other, you know what presentation option is liked by them. The presentation option being very flexible, think of the gifts you know is likable.

4. A special person to deliver the gift

A gift coming directly from you can be quite expected, however, you can make quirky and unusual gifts presentation even special by appointing a special delivery person. One option is having your child be the delivery person. However, if you do not have kids of your own, you can have your nephew or niece to help you. Further, you can also use a pet to deliver. However, if you choose pets as an option, you need to secure the jewellery so that it does not fall off or get misplaced. Another option is choosing someone completely unexpected to deliver the package. For example, a long distant best friend, or even a boss can deliver to the receiver at work.

5. A special place

Think of all the special spots that have significance in your life. These memory-packed places are going to set the mood while you spring the jewellery out to your significant other. It can be the place of your first date or the place where you shared your first kiss or even the place where you proposed. Plan it all ahead to avoid any suspicion and keep it secured until the D-day.

Additionally, you can also bundle the joy of giving a gift with another special joyous activity of your choice such as a concert. Wherever and whenever you go, you want to make sure that the gift is safe and secure in its place. Weave in the surprise element by suggesting an outing to be an event in itself and do not mention a special occasion involved. On reaching there, find the perfect moment to reveal the gift to your significant other. Send gifts to India online by choosing from a myriad of cute gifts.


With this little extra creativity and effort, you can create truly priceless memories.

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